Your guide to the best love chairs of 2022

The love story of love chairs dates right back to the 17th century. Renowned for their comfortable nature, compact design and inviting appeal, love chairs are the perfect spot for couples to sit closely together.

Join us as we spread the love and dive into our “everything you need to know” guide.

What does a love chair look like?

Distinctively compact, a love chair looks just like a small sofa, though it’s specifically intended for two people to sit snuggly.

Love chairs are designed for couples and loved ones to sit comfortably side-by-side. They’re wonderful for an area in your home where a larger sofa won’t quite fit but you’d still like a place to sit, such as a snug or even in a bedroom. 

Why is it called a love chair?

Love chairs get their name from their unique design that offers an intimate seating arrangement for loved-up couples to share.  



How to style a love chair

A love chair can effortlessly create a relaxing corner, inject colour and style into your home, as well being a practical way to add additional seating.

Once you’ve invested, you may be wondering how best to style your love chair. How about opting for a Parisian style?

Channelling the city of love only seems right! Pairing your love chair with romantic blush pink accessories, such as a chunky throw or velvet scatter cushions for a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Or perhaps you’re looking to go for more of an Industrial style, with monochromatic furnishings and complimentary wooden furniture. Cool-toned grey fabrics work perfectly for this look as they act as a neutral backdrop of which you can experiment with. 

The beauty of a love seat is you can interchange the cushions and any other soft furnishings you like to have strewn across the arms of the chair to create different looks depending on personal style or current trends. 

Why choose a love chair?

Available in classic and contemporary options designed to suit all interior styles. Let’s take a look into the benefits and considerations of a love chair…

Benefits of choosing a love chair

Easy to move around the home

Available in a wide range of styles, materials, colours and patterns

Perfect if you need extra seating but can’t fit in a standard-sized sofa 

Things to consider when choosing a love chair

Remember they offer limited seating 

Consider your other furniture and room layout

How you typically use the space 

What is a love seat called?

Also referred to as a snuggle or cuddler chair, a love seat has several names but essentially they all mean the same. It’s also synonymous with a small two-seater sofa as it typically has two upholstered seats.

What are snuggle chairs?

A little bigger than an armchair though smaller than a sofa, snuggle or snuggler chairs are incredibly versatile and another name for a love seat or cuddle chair.

As the name suggests they’re the perfect spot to snuggle up with your significant other, or if you fancy curling up in front of the TV when you get the evening to yourself. Snuggle chairs typically only have one cushion making every position comfortable. 

Can 2 people sit on a cuddle chair?

Yes, snuggly!

As a cuddle chair is designed for couples, it’ll certainly fit two people on, though you will be sat pretty closely together. 

What are big round chairs called?

That’ll be a twister chair.

Loved for their versatility and sometimes referred to as a swivel chair, twister chairs offer maximum comfort.

As the name suggests you can twist and swivel in them as the seat rotates 360 degrees to the left or right. The perfect option for those who find movement comforting and relaxing.

They come complete with foam-filled seat cushions that keep their circular shape and provide the right amount of cushioning so you’re free to sway in any direction you wish.  



The best love chairs 

We’re certainly feeling the love with these chairs…

1. Living Spark Love Chair 


Feel the spark with this gorgeous Spark Love Chair.

Coupled with two teal patterned cushions so you and your loved one can have one each, there’ll be no better spot for a cosy night in.  



2. Cloud Love Seat


Strengthen your connection on our snuggly grey loveseat, boasting luxury chenille fabric for a soft and sumptuous feel. 

It has the seal of approval from our customers too. Here’s what they had to say about the Cloud Love Seat:

 Jill – 5/5 Stars 

Really comfy could easily fit 2 people on I would highly recommend this chair.” 

Louise Issa – 5/5 Stars

This chair is lovely and very comfortable. Very stylish too.” 

Elbee – 5/5 Stars

Comfortable and easy to move. Easy to clean and a good firm seat.

3. Bloom Love Chair


Add some flower-lovin’ into your home with the wonderful Bloom Love Chair.

Specifically designed with your comfort in mind, sit back relax and cosy on up in front of the fire on this beauty. 

4. Inspire Rockcliffe Snuggler Chair

Get ready for a romantic night in with the Inspire Rockcliffe Snuggler Chair, the perfect addition to your home. With premium foam seat interiors and fibre filled back cushions you’ll have all the support and comfort you could need.

Sonic gave the Rockcliffe Snuggler Chair a 5 star rating. They said: 

Love the snuggle chair, best thing I've bought last year.” 

5. Coco Love Chair


Stylish, sophisticated and neat, the Coco Love Chair has plenty to offer. 

Don’t just take our word for it, Lizz had this to say after testing out her love chair, “Great chair, can fit a couple of people with ease or lovely and comfortable for one.” 

6. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Sovereign Snuggler Chair

With four stunning fabric colours to choose from, this sumptuous snuggler chair will be sure to add a chic and sumptuous addition to your living room, reading corner or snug. 

The Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Sovereign Snuggler Chair comes in a range of gorgeous colours including mink, chocolate, silver, oyster and moleskin.



7. Everett Twister Chair



Twist around on the shimmering fabric of our Annabelle Twister Chair, complete with matching reversible scatter cushions and light wood feet.

Perfect for any modern setting there’s nowhere better for you to unwind.

8. Luna Love Chair


Share the love on our Luna Love Chair and nestle in with your significant other.

This beautifully blue chair comes complete with geometric print scatter cushions and sleek oak or mahogany effect feet so you can tailor your chair to your liking.

9. Whisper Love Chair

The perfect companion for a cosy night in, our Whisper Love Chair will be sure to keep you company. Sink into the fibre filled seats or upgrade to foam for enhanced comfort and with a range of fabric colour options to pick from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

10. County Love Chair



Think cosy cottage with our County Love Chair with Scatter Back cushions. Recline and unwind on this standout tan chair, with elegant scroll arms, grand high backed design and complimenting scatter cushions. The perfect addition to your living room or reading corner, this chair screams comfort.

Read more about Country style here.

11. Esme Love Chair

Our luxe Esme Love Chair would fit snuggly in the corner of any room or accompanying your 2 or 3 seater sofa.

This crushed velvet chair offers a cosy spot for you and a loved one to spend some quality time.


12. Quinn Love Chair

Sumptuous and stylish, our Quinn Love Chair is designed to suit all living spaces. Available in charcoal, chocolate, beige and grey, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your existing colour scheme.



Published: 8th February 2022