5 of the best red sofa & tips on how to style them

Red shoes, red handbags, red cars, red lipstick, but what about red sofas? 

Yes, they’re a thing and yes, they can look really effective in the right setting. 

When did red sofas become a trend?

You may not have realised it (until now), but red sofas have always been on trend.

Since the heydays of Chesterfields, which date back to the 18th century, red sofas are a furniture staple that have adorned many a country estate and many other abodes for many decades.

Now picture those Chesterfields in shades of deep claret and maroon, with leather designs later being accompanied by velvet and other fabric options.

Remember, red doesn’t have to mean pillar box red, these days, sofas are available in a variety of red shades that span from bright to deep, rich hues.

What goes well with red couches?

Given the fact a red couch is a bold statement in itself, especially if it’s bright red, you really do need to think carefully about the rest of your colour scheme to make sure your sofa blends right in.

Fortunately, there are several shades that work well with, rather than clash with all shades of red, namely white, black and grey.

Meanwhile, if it’s a bright red sofa you are after, then neutral colours, e.g. tan, beige, cream and gold, are extremely effective at balancing out the brightness. When it comes to more vibrant shades of red, steer clear of other bright colours, which will instantly clash.

How can I tone down a red sofa?

The best way to tone down a red sofa is to make your living room (or whichever room your sofa may be in) all about your sofa. That means no other competing colours and subtle injections of other shades, ideally grey, white and black, or wider neutral colours for bright red sofas.

One of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective ways of toning down a red sofa, is to pop some cushions on it. This will help break up the solidness of the sofa, as well as soften it in the process.

What colour cushions go with a red sofa?

The key here is to steer clear of cushions that are too busy – just one to two shades and minimal patterns is what you’re aiming for.

Colour-wise, select shades that are on the white, cream, grey and black colour spectrum, and if you go for black, balance it out with a one or two cushions that are light grey or cream or choose smaller-shaped black cushions. A row of large black cushions will immediately look extremely blocky and stark. 

The same principle also applies to throws.

A cream or white throw will break up some of the red while also adding a classy touch to the overall result. Depending on the material your throw’s made from, chunky knitted wool or super soft velour, you’ll also be adding an extra layer of textured detailing too. 

What colour curtains go with a red sofa?

White, cream and sheer curtains look wonderful against a red couch, helping brighten up your room, and making it feel a lot fresher and brighter overall.

Depending on your overall colour scheme, beige, gold, black and certain shades of red curtains can also be successfully paired with a red sofa. If swatches are available, make sure you order them, so that you’re 100% sure of the curtain colour in reality and how it looks against your sofa. 

Our favourite red sofas 

Not sure which red sofa to go for? Take a look at this much-needed sofa inspiration - our top red sofa picks: 

5 of the best red sofas 

1. Tetrad Cairngorm Midi Sofa

A luxury sofa statement, the Tetrad Luxe Cairngorm collection, combines classic Chesterfield-inspired styling and high quality fabrics. Key features include button back detailing, scroll arms and solid hardwood feet. Choose between a range of fabric and leather options.

Special features:

  • Classic Chesterfield design details 
  • Luxurious foam seat interiors, as standard
  • Solid hardwood feet
  • 20-year frame guarantee 
£ 1499.0

Only £ 1,499

More Colours

More colours available

Colours available

From £ 31.02 a month over 4 years 0% APR

2. Inspire Rockcliffe

The Inspire Rockcliffe Scatter Back sofa is sleek, functional and available in a range of plain and patterned fabric. This sofa features luxurious foam seat interiors, as standard, and fibre-filled back cushions for maximum support and comfort.

Special features:

  • Plain or patterned fabric options
  • Luxurious foam seat interiors, as standard
  • 20-year frame guarantee
£ 819.99
Was £ 1,099
Was £ 1,099

Now £ 819 .99

From £ 16.87 a month over 4 years 0% APR

The best red leather sofas

3. Arc

The Arc leather sofa collection combines contemporary classic designs and a range of manual and power reclining units, for a comfortable and stylish sofa statement. High back designs, luxurious foam seat interiors, as standard, 100% leather detailing, and a range of leather colours, are just some of the highlights of this popular range. 

Special features:

  • 100% genuine leather on seats, armrests and back cushions
  • Leather-look fabric on the sides and backs
  • Foam seat interiors, as standard
  • 20-year frame guarantee
£ 1389.99
Was £ 1,399 .99
Was £ 1,399 .99

Now £ 1,389 .99

From £ 28.75 a month over 4 years 0% APR

4. SiSi Italia Lloyd

The SiSi Italia Lloyd sofa slots perfectly into a variety of living spaces, combing compact designs, a range of leather options and luxurious foam interiors. Choose between 11 different colours, with each piece featuring slim, tapered wood feet, with foam seat interiors, as standard, for optimum maximum support and comfort.

Special features: 

  • 100% genuine leather on seats, armrests and back cushions
  • Leather-look fabric on the sides and backs
  • Luxurious foam seat interiors with pocket springs for ultimate comfort
  • 20-year frame guarantee
£ 3499.0

Only £ 3,499

From £ 72.69 a month over 4 years 0% APR

5. Cloud 

Soft to the touch, the Cloud Static Sofa is almost cloud-like in its design, thanks to luxury chenille fabric. Choose between a range of colour options, including Connoisseur Plain Wine. Meanwhile, the foam-filled seats, which are provided as standard, provide maximum comfort and durability. 

Special features:

  • Luxury chenille fabric
  • Foam seat interiors, as standard
  • 20-year frame guarantee
£ 949.0

Only £ 949

From £ 17.48 a month over 4 years 0% APR

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A red sofa may be a bold furniture investment, but it’s one that can really pay off if you take the time to consider the surroundings, textures and colours you can use to show it off to full effect. And when you’re done, we’d love to see the end result; share it with us on social.

Published: 19th April 2022