9 sofa trends for 2023

Ready to indulge in a new sofa? If you’re due a sofa upgrade but are unsure where to begin searching for your new sitting room staple, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular sofa trends of 2023. We love how @allabout_thehome has styled the ever-so stylish Marshmallow love chair.

The right sofa can be the focal point in your living room and pave the way for your décor and colour scheme. There are so many different styles of sofas out there. From the seriously squishy to super supportive; chic and modern or quirky cool.

Whether you’re after something colourful to give your living room a lift or a planet-saving sustainable sofa, you’ll find plenty of options, right here.

1. Mood-boosting sofas

Guaranteed to give your home an instant uplift, a colourful sofa brings a burst of joy and energy to any room.

Fill your home with some feel-good colours, such as mustard and warm orange, and you’re guaranteed to give your living room - and your mood – a brighter note!

Paloma Home Divine velvet 3 seater sofa

Marshmallow 4 seater sofa

2. Snuggly sofas

Sink into comfort with a sofa that envelopes you in a cocoon of loveliness from the moment you sit down.

Designed with absolute relaxation in mind, our Marshmallow sofa range is off the super snuggly scale, offering a cosy hideaway with deliciously deep seats and soft touch fabric.

3. Shapely designs

From sloped arms to kidney-shaped designs, the trend for shapely sofas continues.

Our Flo sofa range has curves in all the right places with elegantly rounded arms. Finished with plush velvet fabric for a touch of glamour.

Flo Fabric 3 Seater Sofa

Clover Velvet 3 Seater Sofa

4. Chesterfield inspired sofas

Conjuring up a bygone era of grandeur, it’s easy to see why the distinctive back buttoned, scrolled arms and low backed details of the iconic Chesterfield sofa have been featuring in so many of 2023’s most popular sofas.

Now being wrapped in a huge range of fabulous fabrics and on-trend colourways, the Chesterfield’s revival has been well-worth waiting for.

5. Sustainable sofas

More than just a trend, the cause to become more environmentally friendly has extended to our furnishings and furniture.

With the demand for sustainable sofas on the rise, the interior world has seen a boom in products made with care from responsibly sourced materials, such as our Ferndale and Bloom ranges.

Ferndale Fabric 3 Seater Sofa

LLB Carnaby Fabric 3 Seater Sofa

6. Blue sofas

The coastal trend has certainly made waves in 2023, bringing with it a wash of fresh blue sofas, reminiscent of shades associated with the ocean and a clear, crisp blue sky.

As well as being a beautiful and versatile shade, blue has a calm quality, which threads in seamlessly to the trend to turn a home into a tranquil paradise.

7. Sofas with personality

No more a mere living room essential, the sofa is a way to show off your individual style and pack some personality into your home.

On the back of 2022’s goodbye to the streamlined and sensible minimalist style, 2023 has witnessed bursts of character with sofas providing spectacular centrepieces.

Go as bold as you like with patterned prints, plush fabrics and quirky details.

Paloma Home Spiced Up Fabric 3 Seater Sofa

Bloom Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Scatter Back

8. Green sofas

Inspired by nature, a green sofa evokes a sense of serenity found in the great outdoors.

In our attempts to create a peaceful and grounding atmosphere, green has sprouted up in our homes through the use of furnishings, wall décor and indeed, sofas.

An earthy colour, green is highly versatile, with a myriad of shades, and has the ability to blend in just about anywhere.

9. Smaller sofas

With homeowners contending with smaller spaces to fill, or simply craving a cosy reading corner from the rest of the household, 2023 has seen a big increase in the search for smaller sofas, from compact 2 seaters to love and snuggle chairs big enough for two!

Abbey Snuggle Chair

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