Corner sofa buying guide

Have you got your heart set on buying a corner sofa that’ll fit perfectly under your stairs or stylishly divide your living and dining room?

Regardless of what your plans are, it’s important you find the best corner sofa that slots into place and looks 100% right in your home. And with a little help from this article, it’s something you can easily achieve.

Keep reading for our insider advice on choosing the best corner sofa, from measuring up to choosing the right style, plus several corner sofa suggestions to help you get started.

1. Measure up

The best corner sofa decisions are based on accurate measurements, as well as an appreciation for the effortless chic corner sofas can bring to any room.

But before you start choosing the style, it’s always a good idea to measure your room so you can realistically work out how much space you have for a corner sofa. (Top tip – don’t forget to measure your doorways; it’s essential your sofa will fit through your front door and your living/dining room etc. door).

When shopping online for a corner sofa, look out for the handy diagram that contains a breakdown of all the measurements, including height, width, depth, seat height, seat depth and arm height. Just so you know exactly what to look for, the diagram should look like this:

How to measure for a corner sofa

Given the fact corner sofas aren’t a rectangular shape, there are lots of different dimensions to factor in. And, as obvious as it may sound, when you’re plotting if the corner sofa you like will fit in the space you’d like it to go into, make sure there’s enough room between the sofa and the rest of your furniture. If you find you have limited space, don’t worry, just opt for a small corner sofa instead! 

Shop small corner sofas

2. Choose your angle 

As we all know, corner sofas are traditionally L-shaped, but what many people don’t realise (until they start shopping around for a corner sofa) is that they can be right-hand facing and left-hand facing.

Left Hand Facing

When you look at the sofa front on, the longer side of the sofa falls to the left.

Shop the Freya 2 Corner 1 Left Hand Facing Chaise Corner Sofa

When you look at the sofa front on, the longer part of the sofa falls to the right.

Shop the Freya 1 Corner 2 Right Hand Facing Chaise Corner Sofa

3. Select your style

Corner groups, lounger sofas, modular sofas; corner sofas aren’t just available in one standard option, making it even more enjoyable when it comes to shopping around for the best corner sofa for your needs.

Corner groups

Don’t have arms on both sides and tend to have this wording in the description, ‘2 corner 1.’ This refers to how many seats are before the corner and after the corner.

One corner 2 sofas have 1 seat before the corner and 2 after, like with the Camille 1 Corner 2 Scatter Back sofa:


Are ideal for smaller spaces that don't have quite enough room for a corner sofa. They range from 2 seaters to 4 seaters with a footstool on one side. While they may not officially be a corner sofa, they still give off that corner sofa vibe.

Shop the Storm 1 Corner 2 Left Hand Facing Chaise

Modular sofas

Are made up of sections, making them easy to deliver, so if you’ve followed our advice up above and measured your doorways and found they are a little on the narrow side, then you may want to go modular.

These sofas arrive in multiple parts that are then easily assembled once in your home. The beauty of modular sofas is that you can customise them by buying additional units to add to them.

Shop the La-Z-Boy Tamla 2 Corner 1 Static Sofa & Single Unit

4. Break the mould

Who said corner sofas had to be just left or right-handed? We certainly didn’t, and given our extensive corner sofa range, we know they aren’t either. For instance, did you know it’s possible to get sofa bed corner sofas? In fact, we can go one better than that – sofa bed corner sofas with storage…..

It’s what you’ll get if you choose the Sisi Amalfi 3 Seater Sofa Bed with Right Hand Facing Storage Chaise, which provides you with seating, sleeping and storage space – all in one! What’s more, it’s available in both fabric and leather options.

Decided on the best corner sofa for you yet?

We thought you may have a bit more researching to do which, given the amount of different corner sofas there are to choose from out there, is an extremely exciting position to be in.

Get looking through those different options and remember to think about those more practical factors once you’ve whittled down your lengthy wishlist to a much smaller shortlist.

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Published: 7th January 2022