Green sofa styling ideas for your living room

In need of green living room ideas? Look no further, as our style guide is here to inspire you. From accent chairs to a complete green overhaul, let’s dive into how we can make this dynamic shade work for you.

How to make green work for your home? 

Styling green needn’t be a daunting task. The beauty of this hue is its versatility and shade variety, meaning there’s something for everyone. From rustic sage green to opulent emerald green, the choice is yours.

There are however a couple of handy dos and don’ts our interior stylist Vicki suggests to ensure you colour match perfectly:


Experiment and find the perfect green tone for you, there is so many to pick from.

Select an accent colour. One of the great things about green is it works with a vast range of other colours – whether you work with similar muted tones, or pair with bolder contemporary shades like rich blues, yellow golds or even pink!

Do think about adding a bit of drama! For example, dark and patterned wallpapers can give your room a glamorous effect. Botanical prints are a popular choice and an effective way of adding personality to your room.


Don’t mix your Cottagecore with your jewel tones, keep to one trend. If you’re not sure, do some research, put together a mood board so you can visualise the exact look you want to achieve. Browse magazines for inspiration. There is also plenty of decorating tools out there that enable you to try a paint shade in your room without lifting a brush!

Don’t choose your sofa around your paint colour, make sure you’ve decided on your furniture first.

Don’t rush your decisions! Let things evolve and find their place. Those perfect curtains you’ve been looking for to match your styling will more than likely turn up when you least expect them to – we promise it’ll be worth the wait! 

Is green a good colour for a living room? 

Often associated with wellbeing, mindfulness and renewal, green is linked to a whole host of beneficial properties. Therefore making it the perfect choice for your living room – a place for you to go to recharge and unwind. 

This earthy tone wonderfully marries the outdoors with the indoors which has been a popular trend throughout the past couple of years. Vicki shares how to easily incorporate green in your living room:

Green can be integrated in a whole host of ways. If you aren’t ready for all-out green, then adding green accessories to your living room works really well and allows you to play around with different colours.

Key items like a focal chair or a green planter or even a piece of art is perfect for making a more understated impact. But, there is nothing that will bring warmth and life to any room more than just simply adding plants!

With the popularity of botanical leaf prints and plants as décor at the moment, it makes sense that this hue is having a major moment.

Always think about how you’ll be living in this space for years to come.”

How can I use dark green in my living room? 

As dark green can make a space feel cosier, it can consequently make a space feel smaller than it is. If you have a smaller living room, this is something to bear in mind.

One way you can use dark green in your living room without compromising the feeling of space is through colour blocking – a great solution for introducing bold colours into your home without it becoming overpowering. 

Colour blocking allows you to experiment with playful shades and pair them with safer and neutral tones such as a crisp white. You can easily colour block with the paint choices on your wall, try painting a quarter way up the wall and leave the rest another block colour to contrast against. In doing so the space will still feel open but with the added interest and fun factor dark green offers. 

What goes with green in a living room? 

Green is such a versatile colour for home decor. It’s no longer limited to coloured bathroom suites because we now have gorgeous greens from muted sage tones to rich jewel tones of jade and teal. Because of this variety, so many colours go with green.  

Whether you choose to incorporate green with your choice of wallpaper, soft furnishings or added potted plants around your home, welcoming it into your existing scheme is easy to do. 

What colours go with a green sofa?

Shades of green are a massive interior trend at the moment, as it’s a dynamic and refreshing colour that comes in many different shades.

If you’re thinking of opting for a green sofa, you may be wondering what colours to work around it. Luckily, thanks to the shade range, green goes well with all the staple living room colours – from bright whites to muted greys, you certainly won’t be limited on choice.

If neutral colours aren’t your style, a green sofa will work just as well with pops of colour, such as pink and yellow. 

How do you accessorise a green couch?

As we’ve established green goes with an abundance of colour options, when it comes to accessorising your green sofa the possibilities are endless. Add some depth and experiment with different textures, such as a faux fur throw or an embroidered velvet cushion. Opting for a block colour sofa such as green lends itself nicely to patterned soft furnishings. 

Why not harness the Botanical trend, with floral and palm leaf prints? That way you can combine all the wonderful natural elements to create the perfect combination.  

Green living room ideas

Green is a popularly dominant colour and the perfect choice to invigorate our living spaces, but what should we pair it with to make it work best? Let’s take a look…

Green and grey living room inspiration

It’s easy to see why grey sofas are one of the most popular sofa colours – it’s down to their flexibility when it comes to styling.

When we picture a beautiful grey sofa, there’s not a single colour that wouldn’t work with it – green is no exception. Be sure to shop all our grey sofas and find the one that works for you.

Green and pink living room ideas

Pink and green is a colour scheme that has become increasingly popular and creates a sumptuous environment when mixed with gold metal tones,” explains Vicki.

As green has calming properties it creates a mellow atmosphere and when paired with soft blush pink, creates a perfect match. As opposite colours on the colour wheel, these two flawlessly complement one another.

From sage green to forest green, opt for a shade that works for you to paint your walls or use as an accent colour in your choice of accessories. Similarly, there’s a huge range selection with pink, so if you fancy something a little bolder, millennial pink equally works with a green colour scheme for a funky twist. 

Green and pink also work well with mixed metals, including copper and gold. These are easy to incorporate with accessories, such as a table lamp or wall clock. 

Green and yellow gold living room ideas

There’s something really calming about green with gold and yellow tones. The warmth of the yellow complements the earthy vibe that green brings,” says Vicki. When opting for two bright standalone colours, it’s best to pair them with a neutral backdrop such as a white wall. This helps bring them to life and make the statement you intend them to. 

Transform your space with a quirky exotic pattern, like that of our Ferndale range. Available in a beautiful mustard shade that’s married with leafy green printed cushions for added interest.

Green and beige living room ideas 

Equally versatile, beige and natural shades work a treat when paired with any shade of green. You can’t go wrong with this pool of neutral and adaptable tones.

The beauty of this pairing is that you won’t be short on inspiration or choice. Opting for classic colours such as beige stop the look from becoming dated and offer the flexibility of a style rotation when you fancy a change.

Work your room around natural materials, such as wicker furniture or a jute rug that both incorporate texture as well as organic elements. Bringing the outdoors in this way is an incredibly trendy style that you’ll never fall out of love with.

Feeling inspired to go green? Shop all our green sofas and put our styling tips into practice.  


Published: 11th March 2022