Grey sofa décor ideas from our in-house stylist

Are you planning on buying a grey sofa or have you already got one? The great thing about grey sofas is that they look great pretty much anywhere you put them.

But what about if you don’t want your sofa to just look great? What about if you want it to look Instagram-worthy; like it was made to be in your home and your home only? 

This vision is perfectly possible to achieve, especially when our in-house stylist, Vicki, shares her latest grey sofa ideas with you.

So sit back, grab a pad and pen, and jot down some notes for giving your grey sofa, and everything around it, the wow factor!

Grey sofa living room décor idea 1: Keep it plain and simple 

If you really want your sofa to be the star of your living room, position it against a backdrop of crisp white.

To avoid the space looking too clinical, incorporating one or two other shades of grey will help bind the colours in your room together nicely.

Grey sofa living room décor idea 2: Go contemporary with blue 

Blue is widely recognised for being a calming shade. Pairing darker shades of blue, e.g. navy blue, with light grey instantly creates a contemporary result. From a practical perspective, you could have a light grey sofa against a dark blue wall for a dramatic effect.

Be mindful of not going too dark by using dark grey and dark blue together though, especially if your living room is small, as the dark colours will only make it feel smaller. A pop of dark blue on a feature wall is all you need to achieve this look.

Grey sofa living room décor idea 3: Soften with pink

Light grey and pink, especially blush, are an effortlessly beautiful combination, especially when you pair them with crisp white or cream.

Incorporate a splash of light pink with cushions, flowers or a rug or plant pot, which will instantly soften your grey sofa for an overall serene and cosy effect.

Grey sofa living room décor idea 4: Embrace neutral tones 

A nicely neutral colour, grey blends well with other neutral shades, such as beige and cream.

This selection of colours will really enable your grey sofa to stand out in an understated yet highly elegant way.

Experiment with your materials too. For instance, natural fibres, satin and velvet, all blend beautifully within this design picture, which isn’t at risk of becoming outdated any time soon.

Grey sofa living room décor idea 5: Go bright and bold! 

While grey may be a neutral colour by nature, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it!

Grey is one of those shades that can withstand being jazzed up with some of the most vibrant colours there are, for instance, yellow, red, turquoise and emerald.

Liven up your grey sofa with brightly-patterned cushions, throws, artwork, coffee table books and ornaments.

Try not to add too many different colours to the mix to prevent your living room from looking haphazard. Select your bold colour of choice and be selective about where you incorporate it into your design.

Start with one or two things and then keep adding to them, if necessary.

Have these grey sofa living room designs got you thinking now? Hopefully, they’ve got you seeing your grey sofa (or grey sofa-to-be) in a completely different light now!

The beauty of the grey sofa ideas we’ve shared with you above, is they can be applied to any living room, and you can embrace as little or as much of them as you like.

If you’re not really a colour person, then just use a slight pop of colour or stick to neutral tones. If you’re particularly proud of your sofa and want it to be the main focal point, make it shine with some carefully-selected cushions or a throw.

The main thing is that you’re 100% happy with the end result and you have fun creating it along the way!

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Published: 3rd March 2022