Grey sofa living room ideas for every home

Grey is a staple colour that naturally lends itself well to formal attire, such as suits and school uniforms. Clothing aside, it’s a widely popular furniture colour that instantly looks the part in all sorts of different settings.

If you’re considering on buying a new grey sofa or already have one, read on for our round-up of the best grey sofa living ideas that are designed to make your sofa – new or old – look amazing in your home.

Not sure about which colours go best with grey? Here are some grey sofa colour scheme ideas to get you started:

1. Grey and red

While these two colours may seem like more of a clash than a combination at first thought, it’s a pairing that makes an instant impression and creates a burst of refreshing energy. Light grey walls and a dark sofa with red accessories can work in harmony together, so too can a light sofa with nearby artwork or cushions or plants or plant pots with a pop of bold red colour. Grey and red can be happily paired with crisp white too (e.g. textured white throws, plump white cushions or white walls).  

2. Grey and yellow

By yellow, we mean mustard yellow that’s capable of making smaller or darker rooms immediately feel a lot lighter. Grey, whether light or dark, can happily sit alongside flashes of mustard or more full-on areas. When it comes to grey sofas, you can be as bold or as subtle as you like about introducing mustard to your colour palette – it’s even possible to introduce a sliver of sunshine yellow too, e.g. with the odd curtain tieback or plant pot. And if you feel the grey and mustard combo is a bit too much, you can always introduce a splash of white to balance everything out.

3. Grey and green

A trending colour of the moment, green and grey are a powerful duo that look effortlessly contemporary. As for incorporating a grey sofa into the mix, both light and grey sofas go with varying shades of green, and if it’s more jungle/leaf print you’ve set your sights on, then you can easily integrate it with some patterned cushions or curtains.

4. Grey and blue 

Calming and understated in equal measures, grey and blue (e.g. cobalt or turquoise) blue can make rooms feel more contemporary and clean cut, whereas darker shades (e.g. navy) blue give rooms more depth. These two colours were made to go together, whether it’s in the form of having a light grey sofa with vibrant blue cushions and throws, or a dark grey sofa surrounded by a navy rug and velvet curtains. White is also a great addition to this colour scheme too.

5. Grey and pink

Blush pink in particular goes exceptionally well with light and dark grey. So if you were to have a dark or light grey sofa, you could potentially paint your walls crisp white and introduce flashes of blush in the form of chunky cushions, a feature wall and blush-themed table accessories. Don’t overdo the pink though, you just need an injection of it here and there.

How to style a grey sofa 

You’ve probably realised from the tips we’ve shared above that making your sofa really look the part involves styling it up a bit. Not only does this apply to your entire room décor, but your actual sofa too.

Cushions and throws in different shapes, sizes, patterns and textures, can help you effortlessly achieve this end result. For more on getting your sofa styling spot on, have a read of this blog, ‘How to style a grey sofa.’

Cushions to go with grey sofas

In our opinion, cushions were made for throws and vice versa. The beauty of cushions is that they come in every single design possible for every design preference. What’s more, even just simply investing in a couple of large cushions and putting them at either end of your sofa or buying some brightly-patterned cushions and placing them in the middle adds instant impact.

Make sure you pay attention to cushion detailing too, such as tassels, bobbles and fringing; it’s these smaller details that are capable of expertly bringing colour schemes and design ideas together. If you find you’re overwhelmed by the cushion choices when you’re shopping around, you won’t go far wrong if you stick to the colour recommendations up above.

Grey sofa ideas to inspire you 

Now that you’ve read all about the perfect colour schemes for grey sofas, you’re probably now wondering which sofa you should choose. Fortunately, there are plenty of grey sofa ranges out there; we’ve listed six of them below:

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If you’d like to continue researching the different grey sofa options available to you, take a look at our full range of grey fabric sofas and grey leather sofas.

A colour that appeals to both men and women and looks stunning on sofas, grey is a timeless shade that happens to be incredibly versatile too. Whether you go for a light grey or dark grey sofa, there are plenty of design options for making sure it effortlessly blends into your home and surrounding décor. 

Still pondering over your colour palette? Take a look at this article, it reveals ‘The three best living room colour combinations.’ 


Published: 7th January 2022