How to remove pet hair from your sofa

Our pets are part of the family, which means it’s not uncommon for them to clamber up beside you while you’re watching the TV or settle down on your knee for a snooze (even though they have their own bed to lie in!)

While some four-legged friends even have their own chairs, and are guilty of pinching ours the second we turn our back!

Sound familiar? We thought so.

You’re most probably familiar with the sight of cat or dog hair too - or both if you happen to have cats and dogs in your home - on your furniture.

As much as we love our pets, keeping your chairs, sofas, footstools, cushions, throws and other items fur-free is a constant battle.

But here’s the thing….there are some tricks to keeping on top of the pet hair, several of which we’ve shared in this article.

Can you get dog hair off a couch?

Yes, you can, although it is something you have to do on a regular basis if you want to spend as little time as possible doing it. More guidance on this below.

How do I get cat hair off my couch?

Treat cat and dog hair in exactly the same way because they’re very similar, give or take slight changes in fur length and texture. Keep reading for practical tips on keeping your furniture fur-free.

How do you keep cat hair out of fabric?

It’s virtually impossible to prevent cat, and dog hair, from sticking to your furniture fabric and your clothes. Covering your sofa or other furniture with throws is a quick and easy way of protecting them from fur (however, you will still need to de-fur your throws from time-to-time!) But if you really don’t want any fur whatsoever on your sofa, make the space a pet-free zone.

What is the best couch material when you have dogs?

Leather is a great choice because there’s no weave for fur to stick to and get embedded into. It’s also much easier to wipe dirty paw prints off leather sofas, as well as any other everyday marks. And while leather sofas may be prone to getting scratched and pricked by sharp claws, there are leather sofa care kits for maintaining your sofa. There’s also our five-year Sofa Guard protection package that’s designed to protect your sofa against damage, such as scratches and puncture marks.

What material does not pick up cat hair? 

Again, because cat and dog hair is so similar, leather is an excellent choice for keeping cat hair at bay. Other pet-proof material choices include woven fabrics and synthetic materials, such as nylon.

How do I get dog hair off my couch?

Is the ultimate question, which applies to cat hair too. While it’s impossible to completely rid your furniture of pet hair, there are certain hacks you can try to help make the whole process that bit easier.

10 top tips for removing pet hair from your sofa

1. Give it a vacuum – invest in a vacuum that’s specifically designed to suck up pet fur and use the attachments to get into all the crevices where fur likes to gather. Go backwards and forwards in different directions to loosen and capture all of those stubborn hairs. Top tip: lightly spray some hairspray over your sofa first, it makes the fur thicker and easier to vacuum. 

2. Rub it with a rubber glove – pop on a rubber glove, slightly dampen it with water and then rub it over the surface of your sofa. It may not be as thorough as a hoover, but you’ll be amazed at how much fur you do pick up.

3. Spritz it with a fabric softener – grab a bottle of liquid fabric softener and make a mixture of equal parts softener and water in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the solution over your sofa. Then use a cloth to wipe up the pet hair.

4. Wipe it with tumble dryer sheets – grab a sheet and rub it over your sofa; you’ll soon see the hairs on it. As soon as it’s full of fur, bin it and use a new sheet. It’s tricky to get the hairs out of the sheets, so it’s best to bin them as you go along.

5. Go over it with a lint roller – run it over your sofa and rip off the sections that get clogged with hair, just as you would with your clothes. Lint rollers tend to be more effective at getting rid of fur on larger surfaces (e.g. your seat cushions and back of your sofa) because of their chunky design.

6. Run some tape over it – any type of sticky tape will do however, the wider the strips, the quicker you’ll be able to defuzz. We recommend using parcel or duct tape. Simply turn the tape back on itself and then dab it all over your sofa. You will need to keep stopping to renew the tape strip. 

7. Use a damp sponge – not too dissimilar to the rubber glove trick, grab a damp sponge (not wet) and then rub it over your sofa in different directions. The trick is to make sure you get enough water on your sponge to make it damp and not drench your sofa.

8. Slide a pumice stone over it – the abrasive surface acts like a magnet, picking up fur as you go along. Top tip: stick to moving it in one direction and don’t apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the material.

9. Run a sports sock over it – slightly dampen it, turn it inside out and then put it over your hand. Sports socks work better than normal socks because they’re thicker. Make sure you go easy on the water though; you don’t want to end up with a soggy sofa!

10. Use a rubber squeegee – you may have gathered by now that rubber and water are the perfect combination for getting rid of pet hair from fabric. If you haven’t got some spare rubber gloves, but you have got a rubber squeegee, give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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Published: 17th February 2022