Yellow sofa styling ideas for your living room

Yellow is a bright and bold colour choice that certainly has a feel-good factor. Though when it comes to styling, you may not know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got all the tips for styling your yellow sofa or yellow interior design.

How to make yellow work for your home

Whilst yellow is typically a vibrant colour, there are a whole host of softer shade variations available, such as a pale sherbet or corn yellow.

No matter which tone takes your fancy, knowing how to make it work for your home is essential when planning your décor. Here are a few dos and don'ts to get your started:


Do add yellow to give your room life and energy

Do think about the room as a whole and what colours you want to use alongside yellow so you can be sure it fits in with your vision

Do be brave with yellow. However, if you'd prefer a more subtle approach, start by introducing it with your accessories


Don’t add too many different shades of yellow, pick one or two shades and use those as your accent colour

Don’t let the colour become overwhelming, especially in smaller rooms

Don’t forget to mix in plenty of whites or neutrals to help balance this vibrant shade 

Is yellow a good colour for a living room? 

Yellow is the perfect colour for your living room if you’re looking to create a warming and inviting atmosphere. Being the colour of the sun, injecting pops of yellow into your living room instantly creates the feeling of a sunny space.

In fact, integrating any colour into your home is brilliant for lifting spirits as it has been shown to ease anxiety and help to create a feeling of settlement. Perfect for rooms in your home such as your living room or bedroom as these are typically the places you retreat to during the day. 

How can I add yellow to my living room? 

As yellow is referred to as a ‘commanding colour’ it’s best used as an accent colour to bring energy and interest to a room or piece of furniture. Embody cheerfulness into your space with beautifully yellow detailed cushions that’ll effortlessly offset a neutral coloured sofa.  

We’ve enlisted the help of our Interior Stylist, Vicki Foster, for some yellow styling tips:

The wall above your sofa is often crying out for a mirror or picture to add interest, for ultimate drama add one large piece, this will give simplicity and scale to your room. 

An effective way of adding colour to your room is by choosing a picture that lets the colours inspire and dictate the scheme for the entire room. Modern artwork helps to create a style statement in an otherwise neutral space, this works particularly well with yellow/ochre tones.

You can also add pops of yellow with cushions and interior accessories, such as a vase or plant pot.”

If you fancy making a statement in your living room, choosing a yellow sofa and working your room around this will add incredible personality and pizzazz to your home. 

For a more subtle approach, you can incorporate yellow with your sofa accessories, as adding yellow to a light grey or dark grey sofa is a simple but effective way of bringing your room to life.

However you choose to introduce yellow into your living room décor, it will be sure to add depth and warmth to your lounge in an instant.

What colours go well with yellow? 

This sunshine shade works with a whole palette of colours. Integrating yellow into your current colour scheme is easy as this versatile shade works wonderfully with a range of styles.

Depending on the atmosphere you’re aiming to create will depend on which yellow you’ll go for. Look to deep ochres to establish a dramatic and moody feel and bright neon yellows for a more spacious feel. 

Yellow sofa living room ideas

We’ve got plenty of yellow living room ideas to help you feel inspired and help guide you through your yellow room refresh. 

Yellow sofa with navy blue

A dynamic duo, navy blue and mustard yellow work incredibly well together and make for a complementary colour scheme for your living room.

The deep tones of navy blue work effortlessly when offset with the warmth and vibrancy of yellow. Navy blue is a classic colour that’ll never go out of style, merging classic navy blue and funky yellow together make for a fun coupling. 

Our interior stylist Vicki says: “Shades of blue make yellow shades stand out and appear even more vibrant. The same goes for yellow and green!

If you're a fan of navy blue, take a look at our guide to styling a navy blue sofa.


Yellow sofa with teal

As Vicki recommends pairing shades of blue-green with yellow, we’re loving the idea of teal and yellow together. This cyan-green shade is an incredibly trendy hue and can be bold and bright or soft and subtle – just like yellow.

The beauty of both of these colours is you can tone them up and down depending on your personal style. From mustard to chartreuse, yellow and teal can make for a bold choice. 

If you do opt for teal and yellow, light-coloured wooden furniture is a great choice and this, alongside yellow will brighten up your space. As teal can be quite dark, incorporating neutrals such as white and beige in the form of accessories and trinkets can be extremely effective. 

Yellow sofa with grey

Grey and yellow living rooms are incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why; as yellow adds warmth and grey is typically a cool tone, they balance each other beautifully.

Ever thought of painting one of your walls yellow? If you’re feeling like adding some interest, this will be striking offset by a grey sofa and add incredible personality to your lounge. It’ll also work to give the whole room a lift. 

Vicki also gives grey and yellow her seal of approval: “Grey and yellow form a fab, modern colour combination. To take yellow up another notch add graphic black-and-white wallpapers. There are some great mono print wallpapers around. Just be careful not to go overboard with the paper, keep it to one wall to create a dramatic focal point. Then add yellow accessories to really bring out the zest.

However you choose to make yellow work for you, we know you’re going to wish you’d done it sooner.

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Published: 9th March 2022