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As the 70’s style gets its groove back, I’ve got plenty of ways to help get your home ready for a retro revival.

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Throwing it back to the 70’s with bright colours, bold prints, retro furniture and wood-clad walls, the 70’s interior trend is the current iconic look to recreate in the home.

Whether it’s the sleek and chic style or free-spirited bohemian vibe, read on as I delve into the best ways to bring some 70’s funk to your home.

What is the 70’s interior design?

Best known for bell-bottoms, big hair and disco, the 70’s brought with it an entirely new fashion for the interior world. 

Well known for its enthusiastic use of natural materials, the decade saw a boom in popularity for wooden features - from wood-clad walls, furniture, accessories and hard-wood flooring.

Authentic stone was commonly used to create fireplace surrounds and macramé-hanging ornaments accompanied boldly painted walls.

This decade witnessed the rise of the iconic Ercol furniture, sparking a fresh wave of modern wooden slatted trends that became synonymous with the typical 1970s home.

Alongside the prevalent use of brown furniture, vibrant colours took centre stage, featuring bold prints, psychedelic patterns, and oversized floral designs.

The walls of homes were adorned with warm, sun-soaked shades like orange and yellow, earthy browns, terracotta tones, or lively hues of greens, blues, and purples. It was a vibrant and eclectic time in interior design.

How to get the 70s look in your home

There are many different ways I can suggest to add some retro 70’s vibes to your décor.

Whether it’s boho chic, disco-esque or contemporary cool – the great thing about the 70’s style is that there’s a take on the trend for everyone.

Go all-in with some stand-out décor or keep it mellow by weaving some uber-cool elements through your existing design.

Let’s look into some of the ways to get the decade’s distinctive look into your home:

1. Saturated sunset shades

Transform your home into a 70’s space instantly by decorating your walls in warm, bold colours.

Think sunny shades of burnt orange, mustard yellow, avocado green, deep purple, dreamy blues or earthy browns.

For a real retro living room, paint the walls in contrasting, but complimentary, colours or brighten up a neutral scheme with a burst of block colour on a feature wall.

Alternatively, make a statement with some oversized floral wallpaper, geometric graphics or wavy designs. 

As sunny shades get set to dominate decors this year, read more about ways to give your home an extra glow in our article, Top Interior Trends of 2023.

2. 70’s inspired furniture choices

No fashionable 1970’s home was complete without a collection of orange-brown mid-century homewares.

From the classic TV stand and 70’s style sideboard to slim legged coffee tables, drinks cabinets and built-in bars complete with bar stools.

Think close-to-the-floor designs, classic wooden finishes with tapered legs or take a contemporary turn with cool chrome features, glass tops and industrial style metal legs.

Here are some ideas of 70’s furniture reminiscent of the decade:

3. 70’s statement sofas

Complete your iconic look with a 70’s sofa and some statement seating.

Low sofas, curvy armchairs and understated simple rattan chairs will add a retro feel to your living space.

Go bold with a showstopper in a striking colour and let it take pride of place in your 1970’s living room.

A contemporary curved couch is a great way to add some 70’s style waves, or add some cosiness with a compact cuddle chair, such as the Fraser Love Chair.

Opt for plush velvet for a touch of 70’s glamour or supple leather for something more relaxed. Look for tapered legs and distinguished large button detailing for an authentic vintage feel.

The nostalgic charms of our Brighton and Soho ranges are the perfect complement to your retro living room.

Low seated, high backed and finished with slim tapered wooden legs, the Brighton range boasts the perfect 70’s sofa to complete your look.

Or, add the 70’s stylings of the Soho sofa collection, with luxurious velvet designs, eye-catching colours and distinctive button detailing.

4. Retro dining

Give your dining area a nostalgic makeover with a classic wooden retro dining table and chairs complete with tapered legs.

Or, give your 70’s dining a contemporary twist with chrome and glass options. Alternatively, brighten up your dining room with some colourful wooden or upholstered chairs for a playful look.

Try the curvy charms of our Elsa Chairs, in mustard yellow, orange or vibrant blue.

The sleek curved leather dining chairs and chrome detailing of our Lisbon Dining Table add a modern edge to a 70’s charm.

Industrial style legs on a classic wooden retro dining table combine classic with contemporary stylings, creating an element of cool to your dining area - Archie Dining Table.

5. Bright lights

The 70’s was renowned for its playful use of shapes and textures, and lighting was no exception. From the iconic lava lamp to mushroom-shaped shades.

Choose curved designs, traditional style floor lamps and multi-layered pendants to create a warm ambient glow and set the mood for the 70’s.

Here are some bright ideas to light the way for your 70’s look:

6. Add abstract art and accessories

Adding some artwork and accessories are a great way to put the finishing touches on your 70’s style home or weave in a few subtle hints to the trend if you’re less committed to the fashion.

Play with bright colours, bold motifs, psychedelic designs and oversized flower patterns in framed prints or splashed across cushions and throws, and use your retro style sideboards to show off some shapely ornaments and table lamps!

Place some plants in macramé hangers for a boho-chic vibe. 

7. Fabulously funky flooring

Linoleum flooring (or lino as it is affectionately known) was a feature in many typical 1970’s households due to its high durable quality, affordability and groovy design styles.

Still a popular choice for flooring, patterned lino and vinyl are a great way to add personality to your home.

Continuing the decade’s dedication to the wood-look, hard-wood flooring was also a popular choice, as was the classic shag pile carpet.

Choose a high pile carpet for a luxurious feel or opt for a less committal shaggy rug for a 70’s effect.

Play with patterns, bold colours and geometric designs for a fun and funky feel or opt for a rug for something more cosy and indulgent.

Do’s and don’ts for achieving your 1970’s-inspired home

Now that you’re furnished with fabulous ideas for your retro revival, here are some of my handy do’s and don’ts for getting the new-age 1970’s style just right: 


  • Start small introducing prints, patterns and colours. If you feel shy, or want to experiment a little before fully immersing yourself in the trend, incorporate a few framed prints and accent cushions first to see if they suit you. 
  • If you’re feeling dedicated and ready to embrace the bold, paint one or two walls in an eye-catching colour and keep the others neutral to avoid overwhelming a space.
  • Add hints of biophilic designs through the use of plants to add a softness to the room, and enhance the earthy and natural element of the 1970’s trend.


  • Although a firm fixture of the 70’s era, avoid overwhelming your space with lots of wooded elements and brown features. Keep the look fresh by using neutral shades and add splashes of bright colours and earthy tones that add warmth to a room.
  • Don’t put plastic on the sofas! If you remember the 70’s, you may have (not-so) fond memories of plastic protectors on furnishings. We’re not throwing it back that far! Enjoy your sofa and feel that fabric!
  • Don’t overdo the accessories. Knick-knacks, ornaments, or just dust-collectors? The typical 1970’s home was often adorned with collectables of all types. Though a few carefully chosen pieces will add a homely feel to a room, too many can make the space look cluttered and untidy. Limit the amount of accessories you display and choose ones that either have a purpose or are meaningful.

The 70’s style is one that will always make a statement. Whether you’re ready to brave the bold motifs or have been inspired to create a fabulous feature wall, we hope you enjoy encapsulating the spirit of the 70’s in your home.

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