How to make your home more glamorous

Do you fancy zhuzhing your house up a bit? If you’re bored with how it currently looks and wish it looked as fabulous as the glamorous homes you see on TV and social, this article is for you.

We’ll show you how to glam up your home, one room at a time! 

What is glam interior design?

Glam interior design is what makes the most stunning glamorous homes shine. It’s about paying attention to the smallest of details and putting carefully-selected furniture pieces in certain rooms, as well as giving your space the design TLC it truly deserves. 

If you love all things interior design, then coming up with glam styles should come naturally. But if you’re not that way inclined and it doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s perfectly fine because you have this article to refer to! Oh, and just for the record, glam doesn’t have to mean unpractical. It’s possible to go glam without turning your home into a showroom; the smallest of glam tweaks is all it takes…

1. Living room

You can transform a standard living room into a glamourous living room, simply by putting a glam sofa in it.

We’re talking sofas with intricate detailing, such as studs and deep set buttons, elaborately rounded arms, angled legs and contemporary straight edges, as well as opulent shades, such as silver, grey, pewter, and plush fabrics, and mirrored surfaces where you’d least expect to see them.

Real-life glam living room examples:

@leilashomee glam living room featuring the LLB Regency Snuggle Chair

@rachelsflat_x glam lounge featuring the Spark sofa

2. Dining room

The most glamorous dining rooms are all about the centrepiece dining set, featuring polished surfaces, such as glass, metal and marble, and luxuriously-upholstered seating that’s designed for comfort and catches the eye.

Oh, and don’t forget the statement chairs and table legs! Certain dining ranges also incorporate some added ‘glam’ features, like this Lisbon set, which comes with two chairs with swivel functionality, making it easier for you to slide in and out from the table. Clever, hey?!

Real-life glam dining room examples:

@laurakw94 glam dining area featuring the Milano Round Dining Table & 4 chairs

3. Bedroom

Bedroom glam living is all about the finer details, which include decorative headboards, statement accent chairs, cushions, wall mirrors (in fact, any type of mirrors, e.g. floor-standing or mirrored doors) and textures galore

Real-life glam bedroom examples:

4. Kitchen

Is it possible to inject some glam into your kitchen when you spend most of your time cooking and, if it’s also your dining room, eating in it? Absolutely, glam can easily slot into kitchens, large and small!

You may have the space to be able to put a statement sideboard in it, that can double up as valuable storage for your cutlery, table mats, bowls, plates and other kitchen-related bits and bobs.

Is your kitchen and dining room all-in-one? That’s ok, because it’s still possible to glam it up. The quickest way to do it is by doing away with your trusty old dining suite and replacing it with a look-at-me dining set, like the Endurance Kristo Dining Set. This set ticks so many glam boxes. For instance, it’s dove grey and includes all sorts of glamorous style features, including quilted leather seats (lush!), statement legs, brushed steel legs and rounded edges. 

Real-life glam kitchen examples:

@labonneviehome glam kitchen diner featuring the Sisi Italia Pietro Dining Chairs

How do I add glam to my house?

Now that you’ve read this article, we hope you’ve realised that glamming up your house sounds a lot scarier than it actually is.

Stick to colours, such as beige, cream, light grey, silver and gold, incorporate lots of mirrored, polished and high gloss finishes (e.g. glass, marble, metal), keep an eye out for detailing (studs are a real winner) and don’t forget about those statement legs either – which apply to sofas, chairs and dining sets. 

We’d love to see your glam styles, make sure you share them with us on social using #myScShome

Published: 8th June 2022