What is the Spanifornia trend? 

Who better to ask about the Spanifornia trend, than our in-house stylist, Vicki Foster, who’s always ten steps ahead when it comes to the very latest up-and-coming design trends.

The California/Spanish, Spanifornia, style is all about bringing together the old and the new,” she explains.

“It’s the perfect balance between the backdrop of modern Californian white and off-white shades and carefully-selected robust and rustic furniture pieces, such as terracotta and chunky wood pieces, that hail from or are found in many a Spanish villa.

“Wood is an absolute must in helping achieve the desired effect, with wooden flooring featuring in many a Spanifornian-themed room. The end result is bright and airy, with a bit of rustic and traditional detailing contributing an extra layer of detail, warmth and colour to this picture-perfect design.”

7 ways to bring the Spanifornia vibe to life, according to our stylist

1. Make crisp, simple lines your starting point.

2. Have clean white walls.

3. Choose rustic pieces – including large coffee tables or wooden accessories, such as candlestick holders.

4. Incorporate bohemian rugs – think Aztec patterns or Jute-style designs.

5. Dot leafy green house plants here and there.

6. Use warm terracotta – e.g. floor tiles, textured walls or accessories (plant pots) to warm up the white.

7. Place handmade pottery, such as vases and sculpture, on some of your surfaces.

Is the Spanifornia trend starting to take shape in your mind now?

What does the Spanifornia trend look like?

If you need a little visual assistance, the mansion that Reece Witherspoon (Madeline Mackenzie) lives in, in the hit US programme, Big Little Lies, has been referred to as being the ultimate Spanifornia design dream:

Beautiful, right?

But lets be realistic, we don't all have homes that look like that! So here's a moodboard we have pulled together to give you inspiration on how to achieve the Spanifornia look in your home.

How can you inject some Spanifornia style into your home?

So you know the fundamental design principles, courtesy of our in-house stylist, but are you still feeling a little unsure about embracing the Spanifornia trend in your home? 

Don’t worry, once you’ve seen the style in reality a few times, it is pretty ease to grasp and make your own. 

Rustic-looking furniture pieces are a must:

Like this Marylebone Dining Table, Bench and Chairs. Benches in particular are great for really nailing this trend. 

Light, beachy-looking wooden furniture is spot on:

These Romeo Cross-Back Dining Chairs wouldn’t look out of place in a Spanifornia kitchen or dining room. 

Bright and breezy colour schemes are what you need:

White, cream and beiges are right up there when it comes to creating this look, but there is a risk too much of them can look a little clinical. Cue your warmth – cool greys and coastal blues.

This Sienna 3 Seater Sofa in Hopsack Duck Egg is exactly the right sort of colour.

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So there you have it, the Spanifornia design trend that’s taking over Instagram feeds and people’s homes the world over! While it may sound pretty complicated to start with, it’s actually pretty effortless to achieve once you know how! 

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Published: 17th February 2022