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8 great spare bedroom ideas to get your home guest ready

If you’re in need of some spare room inspiration, have a read of my guest bedroom ideas for creating a cosy home from home. Image credit: @making_number2_new

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If your spare room is looking a little tired, it may be time to give it a little sprucing, ready to welcome those overnight guests.

In this article, I’ll share our top tips for getting your home guest-ready, from spare bedroom decorating ideas to how to make it homely.

How do I get my guest room ready?

Once you’ve decided which room you will be using as your spare bedroom, you can start planning how to turn it into a cosy getaway for your overnight guests.

There are plenty of ways to ensure they have a relaxing stay:

1. Declutter

Rule number 1 is to make sure the room is tidy.

The spare room may be the obvious choice for keeping items you want hidden away, but it can be very easy for this room to become a dumping ground.

A cluttered and untidy room can feel unappealing, so start transforming your spare room into a welcoming sanctuary by having a cull.

Organise your things into categories of things you want to keep, donate or bin/recycle.

Find a place for things you want to keep.

Fit some shelves to house books and keepsakes or invest in some stylish units and storage baskets. 

Lisbon Bookcase

Image credit: @zoeandrhyshome

2. Choose a neutral colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your guest room can be tricky because everyone has different tastes and you’re never going to please everyone.

Stay away from garish colours or overly bold shades.

Generally speaking, picking a pale, neutral palette for your spare room is generally a safe plan.

Think off-white (white may feel too cold and sterile), creams, beiges and pale greys.

If you wanted to add some colour, there are certain shades that evoke a calming atmosphere.

Colours found in nature, such as green, light browns and terracotta are very grounding – perfect for creating a comforting environment.

3. Add some storage

Keeping your things in your luggage when you’re away is not always ideal.

If you really want to give your guests a little home from home, make sure you provide somewhere for them to place clothes, such as some room in a wardrobe or a drawer or two in a chest of drawers or sideboard.

If you don’t have extra room in any furniture, a small clothes rail in against a wall will do the job.

Image credit: @103_homereno

Canberra Lamp Table

4. Provide a bedside table

No one knows how much they use a bedside table until they no longer have one.

It’s the place you pop a cup of tea in the morning or where you keep your book ready to read the next chapter.

Provide your guest with a little bedside table or even a nest table or lamp table if you don’t have much room beside the bed.

5. Comfort is key

Creating a cosy space for your guests is key to ensuring they have a relaxing stay.

The first thing on the list should be the bed.

Sleeping in a lumpy bumpy bed that results in an achy back and a bad night’s sleep is no fun, so get the best mattress you can afford for your overnight visitors, even if it means skimping on the frame.

If space is an issue, a sofa bed is a fantastic space-saving alternative.

Adorn the bed with some snuggly bedding, plump pillows, cosy cushions and a chunky throw to finish.

Don’t forget to supply an extra blanket in case it gets chilly!

Brixham 3 Seater Deluxe Sofa Bed

Image credit: @homenumber17x

6. Home comforts

Provide your guests with some little luxuries that they may miss while they’re away from home.

Items that they may not have room for in their luggage may be a good starting point, such as towels (a bath towel and a hand towel per guest should suffice).

A dressing gown and pair of slippers to wear in the morning and evening is also be a nice touch. 

7. Potted plants

Adding a few plants is an easy way to way to make your spare room feel homely.

Pop a few succulents on a shelf or give an empty corner an oversized leafy companion.

Plants not only add colour to a room, but are also known for their mood-boosting and stress-reducing abilities.  

Devon Fabric 2 Seater Sofa Bed

Wren Round Mirror

8. Homely touches

Plain walls can feel a little sparse, which can make a space feel uninviting.

Add some homely touches to your guest room by breaking up bare walls with some artwork or a photo gallery.

This can also be a great way to inject some colour and interest into the room if you have opted for pale décor.

Don’t forget to put a mirror in there too so they can get themselves ready in the comfort of their room. 

I hope this article has given you some great guest bedroom inspiration. For more trends and tips visit our Inspiration hub.

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