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As an interior stylist, I've always been drawn to the charm of curved sofa arms and rounded edges. They exude an effortless elegance, adding a sprinkle of sophistication to any living space. Picture the soft, flowing lines and graceful arcs - they create an inviting ambiance that's incredibly hard to resist. Let’s dive headfirst into the alluring world of curved sofas.

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What is the curved sofa trend?

This trend is an extension of ‘Soft Style’ which involves the use of visibly soft fabric textures, and the layering of these fabrics to create comfy, cosy escapes. The rounded shapes we’re seeing come through in not only furniture but interior design in general, lend themselves well to this soft aesthetic we’re seeing become popular. A rounded edge is much softer on the eye than a sharp, angular corner.

Pebble shapes and wavy lines are rising in popularity and the rounding off of sharp corners is coming through particularly strongly in sofa and seating shapes. This softening of all visible lines creates a more inviting seating aesthetic, communicating comfort through the eye rather than through touch.  

A perfect example of this is our Living Margo Sofa which has a classic angular and boxy shape, but has been softened with the rounding off of the armrests and the seat cushions, whilst the padded detail on the backrest creates multiple curved lines that define the top of the sofa.

Appreciating the aesthetics of curved sofas

Curved sofa arms and rounded edges have been making waves in the interior design world. It's not just about their eye-catching beauty, they also offer countless benefits that can elevate your interior design. 

The main appeal of these sofas is their ability to soften a room's vibe. Unlike sharp angles and straight lines, the curved elements create a sense of flow and grace, making your living space feel more welcoming. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, curved sofas easily blend in with different interior design themes.

But it’s not all about the looks. These sofas are also practical. The gentle curves are perfect for resting your arms and shoulders, allowing you to kick back and relax in comfort. 

Over the years, curved sofa designs have kept pace with the changing trends of interior design. From classic curved Chesterfields to modern modular designs, there's a wide range of options available to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you fancy a sleek, minimalist look or a more opulent style, you're sure to find a curved sofa that matches your preferred aesthetic.

Finding the perfect curved sofa

When it comes to finding the perfect curved sofa for your living space, there are a few key factors I’d suggest you have a think about as they will help guide you in making an informed decision to find the right curved sofa that suits your style and needs.

Firstly, let’s delve into the upholstery – as this sets the tone for the overall vibe. After all, colour and material can significantly influence the overall look of your sofa. For a modern, sleek look, consider a curved sofa in neutral-toned fabric, such as grey or beige. If you prefer a bold statement piece, opt for a brightly coloured or patterned fabric. Additionally, the upholstery material should be chosen based on your lifestyle and preferences. Leather upholstery offers durability and a luxurious feel, while fabric upholstery provides a softer and more comfortable seating experience. It's all about finding the perfect match for your style and comfort preferences.

Size and orientation are equally important factors to consider. Carefully measure your living space to ensure the curved sofa you’ve got your eye on seamlessly integrates without overwhelming the other furniture. What’s more, consider the sofa's orientation—left-hand or right-hand—to best complement your room's layout. These factors collectively steer you toward a well-informed decision, helping you discover the perfect curved sofa that aligns with your style and needs.

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Styling your space with a curved sofa

Adding a curved sofa to your living space can instantly elevate its elegance and sophistication. Its unique design, with curved arms and rounded edges, creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere in any room. 

Effective positioning is key to making the most of your curved sofa. Placing it in the centre of the room allows for a balanced look, making it the focal point of the space. This positioning also allows for easy access from all sides, making it an ideal choice for entertaining guests.

When it comes to what to put behind a curved sofa, a console table is a popular choice. It adds functionality and creates a visual break between the sofa and the rest of the room. You can decorate the table with lamps, photo frames, or decorative accents to enhance the overall aesthetic.

To complete the look of your curved sofa, consider adding complementary furniture and accessories.

A coffee table with rounded edges or an ottoman can complement the curves of the sofa. Additionally, you can incorporate accent chairs with similar curved designs to create a cohesive and harmonious arrangement.

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19th March 2024

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