LVT Care Guide

We understand that new flooring is an investment.

So to help you avoid having to replace it too often, we’ve put together our LVT care guide detailing the extra measures you can take to keep your purchase looking as good as new.

Protecting your new flooring

Firstly, using floor protectors under furniture legs and your sofa will limit the indentations these can create. Placing doormats near your entrances will stop the trail of dust & dirt from the outside world through your home, also helping to absorb any dampness before it’s tread into your new luxury vinyl.

If you buy new furniture or you have a move around, this can damage even the toughest of luxury vinyl. Be sure not to drag your new items across your floor – heavy furniture should be lifted and carried wherever possible to avoid scuffs and scratches.

Finally, tilting or closing your blinds or curtains in instances of extreme sunlight will help prevent discolouring or fading.

Cleaning luxury vinyl tiling

The nature of luxury vinyl makes it easy to clean and manage, so you can keep it looking as good as new with very little effort.

Just as you would your carpet, you should vacuum (or sweep) your luxury vinyl regularly. Then use a damp cloth, a floor wipe or a well-wrung mop for a deeper clean – we’d recommend once a week or as often as needed for busier households.

For tougher stains or a spring clean, use a mild-detergent or specialist floor-cleaning agent. Take care not to soak your flooring or use a steam mop - a damp cloth or mop is all you need.

You must read the manufacturer’s guidelines before you use any cleaning products or detergents on your new flooring

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