Benefits of Upgrading Your Underlay

Underlay is usually one of the most overlooked accessories in flooring. Many people usually forget about it when purchasing flooring or see it as a pointless addition, however underlay is very important. It can be a key feature for your flooring as it can completely change how a floor looks and feels. The key feature is that it can help yoru new purchase last a lot longer. Underlay adds an additional level of cushioning to your carpet or hard flooring making it much comfier for you to walk on. More over, underlay can help to reduce your energy costs as it adds extra insulation to your floor which therefore traps heat, keeping your living spaces warmer for longer. Not only is the heat stopped, but noise is also reduced making it perfect for flats and for upstairs rooms.

We also offer King Underfloor Heating which can be used in any room you chose, such as the Bathroom or Kitchen where the floor would usually be cold under-foot on those winter mornings. If you pick one of our Premium Underlay options such as; Comfy Lux, Comfy Deluxe, Comfy Extravagant or King Underlay when chosing your carpet, you will be eligible for FREE FITTING - (Terms & Conditions apply)

Carpet Underlay Options


Laminate Flooring Underlay Options

We have added two new fantastic underlay choices for Laminate Flooring which can be added to your basket during the order process and will add a great deal of comfort, stability & warmth to your wood flooring.