Corner sofa buying guide

At ScS, we have an extensive list of corner sofas with both Fabric and Leather options available as well as corner sofas which give you extra storage. 

If this is your first time buying a corner sofa, it can be very confusing, but after reading this guide you should know which corner sofa is best for your home. 

Why a corner sofa?

​A corner sofa brings lots of style and comfort to your living room as well as a host of other benefits. For example, having a corner sofa can help you utilise your space further as they can fit around tricky nooks and crannies giving you more room for other furniture or items. 

A corner sofa is also great for large families or for having friends around as they allow many people to be seated comfortably and close together meaning you can have a laugh with your friends or snuggle up with your loved ones.

Chaise corner sofa

A Chaise sofa offers a slight extension to the more traditional 2-seater sofa and is best suited for a smaller living room.

Chaise Sofas are available as LHF (Left Hand Facing) and RHF (Right Hand Facing) sofas. This refers to the side on which the Chaise (The long bit of the Sofa) appears when you are stood looking at it. Therefore, for an LHF sofa, the Chaise would be on the Left-Hand Side of the sofa if you were stood looking at it.

Corner group sofa

A Corner Group sofa on the other hand has arms both ends of the sofa and works better in a large living room.

For a corner-sofas, it is important to understand the ‘2 corner 1’ or ‘1 corner 2’ etc. This phrase indicates how many seats are before the corner and how many seats are after the corner.

Our corner sofas

​​Here at ScS we have a wide range of both leather corner sofas and fabric corner sofas so you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for you. Our fabric range adds both comfort and warmth to a room where as a leather sofa offers a more modern and contemporary look. Take a full look at our Corner Sofa Range here.

How to measure a corner sofa

Once you have decided on the style of corner sofa you want, it is important to ensure your measurements for the sofa are as accurate as possible. A wide deep sofa may sound luxurious, but if it doesn’t fit into your living room then it’s time to start again. 

When measuring for your sofa, it is important to measure the spot where the sofa is going to go, ensuring there is enough legroom between your sofa and other pieces of furniture in the room.

When you view any sofa on our website, you’ll find a breakdown of all the dimensions you will need including height (A), width (B), depth (C), seat height (E), seat depth (F), and arm height (G). Make sure to measure up your new sofa to ensure the one you love will fit into your home.

Taking measurements for your new sofa doesn’t just stop at the space for the sofa, measuring the widths and heights of the doors and any hallways will also make the delivery process run a lot more smoothly. If there is any obstacles or tight areas, make sure to let our delivery team no in advance so we can arrive fully prepared.    

Sectional sofas

As trends, tastes and circumstances change, your living room layout will change with it. We understand that a sofa is a significant investment and will be with you for a long time and therefore you should be able to adapt it to suit your needs. That’s why some of our sofas come with interchanging sections so you can swap around and experiment with the corner angles which are perfect for your room. 

You will find if a sofa is sectional or not in the product description, or ask a member of staff in store if you are still not sure.


Some of our sofas can be split into separate parts and rearranged into a different order. This means you can experiment with different layouts and not be restricted to the length of corner on the sofa. You will find if a sofa is comes apart in the product description on the website, or ask a member of staff in store if you are still not sure.
Corner sofas vary in sizes depending on the number of seats you require. For each corner sofa we sell, we supply the exact dimensions of the sofa, so you can make sure it fits perfectly in your home.
A left-hand sofa means the chaise (long part) of the sofa is on the left-hand side of the sofa, if you were stood looking at it, and vice versa for a right-hand sofa.
Corner sofas have been around for a few years now and are still an excellent addition to any home. Different looks can be achieved depending on the fabric and style you opt for.
It is important to measure your hallways and doors before your sofa is delivered so our delivery team are fully prepared for delivering your sofa. As some corner sofas can be delivered in sections, this makes it easier to manoeuvre through doorways and tight corners. However, when purchasing a corner sofa, check the description to make sure if how your sofa will be delivered.
Certain ScS sofas are delivered in parts making the delivery process much easier. Whether a sofa comes in different parts or not will be highlighted in the description section of the sofa. Regardless of whether your sofa comes in parts or not, it Is important for the customer to measure any hallways or doorways the sofa will come through and pass these details onto the delivery team to make the process as easy as possible.
A corner sofa can be much more comfortable and intimate than two separate sofas as it can allow friends and families to be closer together with lots of space. A corner sofa can also sometimes be more cost effective, meaning you can have more money for other furniture or accessories.

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