6 of the best extendable tables

Extendable tables are one of those furniture investments you’ll never regret. Having an extendable dining table means that you have plenty of room for everyday mealtimes and extra space for when you’re got more people to cater for.

And when you don’t need the additional table room, you can easily fold them back or slide them away for another day. Now are you starting to see why we said extendable tables are such a great furniture investment?

Is an extendable table worth it?

Most definitely.

First of all, they’ve got a smaller footprint than larger-sized tables, but still give you the option of having more table space when you need it. 

What’s more, given the innovation and sophisticated craftsmanship that goes into creating most furniture pieces these days, transforming your table from a four-seater to a six to eight, or larger, is really straightforward. In most circumstances, you just have to slide out the extra panel and rearrange your chairs around your table.

The beauty of extendable tables is that they can cater for all occasions and grow with you as your family grows. There are also plenty of options for you to choose from too, ranging from extendable round tables and extendable glass dining tables to oak extending dining tables and marble extendable dining tables.

6 of the best extendable tables
Wooden extendable dining tables
1. Cruz 1.25m Extending Dining Table

This country-style dining set is available with an extendable table that’s available in three different sizes – 1.7m to 2.2m, 1.25m to 1.75m and 1m to 1.4m. You can choose between four different chair styles to suit your personal taste and match the rest of your room too.

From £ 16.44 a month over 4 years 0% APR

2. Romeo 1.25m Extending Dining Table

Traditional and rustic, with studded chairs for a modern twist, the Romeo dining set is available with a table that spans two different sizes – 1m to 1.4m and 1.25m to 1.75m.

Corinne says: ‘It fits perfectly in my small kitchen, but then extends if I have people over.’

From £ 16.46 a month over 4 years 0% APR

Oak extending dining tables
3. Brooklyn 1.8m Extending Dining Table

Another dining set with a traditional country feel to it, Brooklyn is available in oak, oak veneer and pine, and notably comes with a chair and bench combination. Key features include rounded corners and solid tapered legs.

EmziD says: ‘Absolutely love this table! I’m so glad I chose it; it looks lovely in my house. It’s very sturdy and the wood is great.’

£ 1199.99
Was £ 1,299
Was £ 1,299

Now £ 1,199 .99

From £ 24.79 a month over 4 years 0% APR

Modern extendable dining tables
4. Vidal Extending Dining Table

With a high gloss finish, statement supporting base and brushed steel trim accents, the Vidal is contemporary to a T.

What’s more, the chairs feature swivel functionality, making it easier for you to get up and down from your seat. Meanwhile, the table has a butterfly extension, which is designed to make it easier and less time-consuming to extend.

£ 1149.0
Was £ 1,249
Was £ 1,249

Now £ 1,149

From £ 23.73 a month over 4 years 0% APR

5. Sophie Extending Marble Dining Table

A high gloss finish, incorporating a white statuario marble colour, this dining set is effortlessly stylish. Lacquered and polished by hand to achieve a superior sheen, the extending table, with its statement plinth base, can be extended up to 220cm.

£ 2399.0
Was £ 2,499
Was £ 2,499

Now £ 2,399

From £ 49.77 a month over 4 years 0% APR

6. Sisi Italia San Pietro 1.6m Extending Dining Table

This set is available with four or six chairs and features a brushed stainless steel base and beautiful apricot veneer for a highly attractive end finish. The table, which can seat up to six people, can be expanded from 1.6m to 2.1m.

From £ 37.29 a month over 4 years 0% APR

Extendable dining tables are something everybody needs in their life. They can fit into the smallest of rooms and (space-permitting) be expanded to up to double their size so that there’s plenty of space for everybody to get around them. And the range of design options are a real treat to explore – marble effect, oak, gloss and country classic, you may well struggle to make a final decision!

Once you’ve managed to whittle down all the options and settle on an extendable table that ticks all your boxes, make sure you share it with us over on social; we’d love to see it!

Published: 20th May 2022