10 dining room colours for 2022

Dining rooms can be one of the main hubs of the home, the place where we all gather round and enjoy great food, drink, company and times.

Because of this, dining rooms definitely deserve to shine. Injecting some colour into the room is one of the easiest and most effective ways of turning your dining room into just ‘a room’, to a place you want to cherish and spend time in all day, every day! 

There are lots of options to choose from, starting with these ten:

1. Uplifting light blue

Light blue isn’t a colour that just looks great in bathrooms and boys’ bedrooms, it can also look really effective in dining rooms too, instantly brightening up the space and creating the illusion that it looks larger.

Going all-out light blue can be a bit too much, but if you balance it out with crisp white, the colour combination is classically striking.

2. Dramatic dark blue

For a dramatic dining room, choose navy blue, and just one to two shades darker, almost entering into grey territory, e.g. steel blue. Bold and atmospheric, with an undertone of moodiness, a dark blue dining room is a real statement.

Tip: It’s best to use it darker blues in larger dining rooms because it will instantly make the room feel smaller. If you have a small dining room and really want to use it, create a navy blue feature wall instead.

3. Tranquil green

Green in a dining room? Yes, it really does work, from darker forest green shades, paired with white and brown furniture.

Alternatively, you can embrace green by selecting lighter shades, such as sage, tea and laurel green, which has more of a grey/beige hue to it.

4. Vibrant yellow

While most people may instantly think yellow belongs in nurseries, playrooms and potentially spare rooms, it’s actually a bit hit in dining rooms.

If you love bright colours, then yellow is a must. Choose between pastel yellow for a more subtle, but still uplifting effect.

Alternatively, if you really want your living to scream, ‘look at me!’ then choose shades that are bright and bold, bringing you constant joy.

Tip: Love yellow, but don’t have the confidence to paint your walls in it? Choose furniture and accessories that are in shades of yellow instead for a pop of sunshine here and there. I.e. chairs, tea towels, pictures and crockery.

5. Playful purple

Purple is such a statement colour and the obvious choice if you want your dining room to be about more than your dining set and the food you serve.

When paired with gold, light purple can effortlessly look classy. While darker shades of purple and white were born to be side-by-side.

Don’t forget about shades of purple that err towards the red colour spectrum either, e.g. maroon, plum and claret. There’s also Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022, Very Peri, too, which is a mix between purple and blue.

6. Wonderful white 

White can make small dining rooms look larger, brighter and more modern, and goes well in any room and home.

The only downside, is that it can easily show up marks, but it’s a small price to pay for the airy and spacious feeling it gives off. And, as we all know, it goes well with any other colour – feel free to add one or more colours to the equation.

7. Warm beige 

If you prefer neutral colours, but feel that white is too stark, beige is your next best bet. Just like white, it blends well with all sorts of other shades.

However, unlike white, it has an instantly warming edge to it, turning functional dining rooms into comfy spaces, especially when paired with rustic wood, and natural materials, such as rattan, linen and wicker.

8. Calming cream

If white is too clinical and beige is a little too much on the brown side for you, there’s always cream.

Nice and neutral, it works with all other colours and has a slight warmth to it, making it a really popular dining room colour choice, especially for smaller spaces.

9. Graceful grey

If you want your dining room to pop, but don’t want to go as bright as yellow or purple, grey is a gorgeous option.

For more impact, select dark grey, and to brighten up your room without it becoming too overpowering, more muted shades of grey, e.g. dove grey, can look really divine.

Tip: Combinations of grey, white, black and silver/gold always look really well put together, as well as modern and eye-catching.

10. Pretty pink

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Published: 9th May 2022