The best carpet for kids

Family life can be demanding on your flooring and to meet these demands I believe your carpet needs to be three things: durable, comfortable and practical. Carpet is also a fantastic sound-absorbing option – perfect for when the kids are playing upstairs and running around in their bedrooms.

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What carpet is best with kids?

Depending on how old your little ones are will depend on which carpet is the best and most suitable, let me help you with this. A sumptuously soft saxony is one of the best types of carpet to have with kids because it softens the fall, especially for the little ones who are just finding their feet or crawling around. I know you’ll appreciate a soft cushioning playground for them to roam free for your peace of mind. 

However, an easy-clean twist pile carpet is the more versatile option for when your little ones are a little older and want to experiment with arts and crafts and more interactive games that may begin to take a toll on your carpet. 

How do I choose a good carpet for a kid’s room?

I believe finding the perfect kids' carpet involves striking the right balance between durability, style, and ease of maintenance. Whether I'm aiming for a modern look or a classic design, I've discovered that there's something suitable for every room.

Considerations for choosing a child-friendly carpet

Let’s take a closer look at all the factors I'd recommend bearing in mind when choosing your child-friendly carpet.


This is essential. Since children love to play and run around, I recommend choosing a carpet that can withstand the demands of family life. In my experience, synthetic carpets tend to be more durable than those made from natural fibres.

Easy-to-clean nature

A washable, low maintenance carpet is key. As a parent, I understand the importance of having a carpet that is both stain-resistant and soft. I recommend looking for a carpet that can withstand messes and spills while providing cushioning for your kids as they play.


Choosing a soft carpet is ideal as it can help cushion falls so that little ones aren’t hurt if they tumble down.

A padded underlay

Underlay makes your carpet feel softer and more luxurious underfoot, it also prolongs the life of your carpet. Because underlay absorbs most of the impact from footsteps, they retain their softness and springiness over time. For parents with young children, underlay can make a substantial difference as not only will it work to prevent stains from soaking through, it'll also reduce noise in the house.


If your child suffers from allergies then I'd suggest looking for a natural fibre carpet such as wool as they’re naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.


A medium-to-dark colour carpet, such as a dark grey, that is also stain-resistant is a must-have in a family home. Have you considered patterned carpets? Something like a striped carpet has a fun playful edge. Its colour variation will help mask any minor stains. Or go for a two-toned heather carpet, as similarly opting for a blended carpet will make it harder to see any crumbs or inevitable spillages.  

Pile type

Low pile carpets, or carpets with short fibres, are much quicker and easier to clean than high-pile carpets, which are made of long fibres. Dust, hair and debris can hide in long fibres and make vacuuming a little trickier.

What type of carpet is the most durable?

If you’re preparing your home for a new baby or a toddler, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be how to keep it clean. Choosing the right material can have a huge difference! 

Polypropylene carpet is known for its durability and is a sturdy choice for families with children. It’s an affordable synthetic material that you can find in a variety of colours, styles and textures. It has properties that make it easy to clean as it doesn’t absorb moisture, whilst also being stain-resistant. It also repels static electricity, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Pile type can also play a huge role. I recommend our twist pile carpets, as the carpet fibres are twisted together tightly, it’s more difficult for them to be pulled. They can easily withstand the busyness of everyday life in a family home making them a sturdy choice.

6 of the best carpet for kids

1. Ajax Twist Carpet

The Ajax Twist carpet is certainly a child-friendly carpet. Made out of 100% polypropylene, this short pile carpet wears better – so your little ones can play around care-free and any little tumbles will be carefully cushioned.

Available in multiple colours, including slate grey and sky blue, for all of your style preferences.

To clean it use our handy Carpet Cleaning Kit, and be careful to avoid bleach as it can be harsh on the carpet’s fibres.


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Ajax Twist Carpet | Carpets | ScS
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Only £ 23 .99 sqm

  • 5 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 5 years
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m

2. Nobility Striped carpet

Nobility Soft Touch carpet offers incredible thickness which in turn provides enhanced softness underfoot. It’s also made from stain-safe polypropylene similar to our Ajax Twist.

It comes in a variety of stripe colours which are a good option as they work to add interest in a playroom and help bring the room to life. A striped carpet is great for masking any unwanted stains or spillages that may occur.

Living Nobility Stripe Carpet | Carpets | ScS
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Only £ 14 .99 sqm

Softest Touch Range
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Warm underfoot
  • Ultimate luxury
  • 10 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 15 years
  • Available widths: 4m

3. Olympia carpet

Our Olympia carpet range is a great durable option that can withstand busy homes. 

It’s made from 100% polypropylene, so is easy to clean whilst still being soft and comfortable underfoot.

It also comes in 12 shades, which are all completely versatile and practical, providing the perfect foundation for your child's room.

4. Associated Weavers Proxima carpet

The Proxima carpet is a luxurious Saxony carpet that is not only indulgently soft but is also incredibly hardwearing and comes with a fantastic 20-year stain and wear guarantee. 

It’s also very versatile and comes in a choice of 12 neutral shades, so you won’t have to change your carpet every time your child changes their mind about their wallpaper!


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Associated Weavers Proxima Carpet | Carpets | ScS
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Was £ 77 .79 sqm

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  • 20 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 20 years
  • Available widths: 3m, 4m and 5m

5. Living Cacao carpet

For a carpet that delivers style, comfort and resilience, the Living Cacao carpet is a brilliant choice.

Beautifully thick yet hard wearing and boasting a 10-year stain and wear guarantee, this carpet lends itself well to areas that get a lot of wear and comfortable enough for young children playing on the floor.

It’s also bleach-cleanable and comes in a great range of colours.

Living Cacoa Carpet | Carpets | ScS
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Was £ 31 .99 sqm
Was £ 31 .99 sqm

Now only £ 15 .99 sqm

Softest Touch Range
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Warm underfoot
  • Ultimate luxury
  • 10 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 10 years
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m

6. Invictus Pegasi carpet

Our Invictus Pegasi Carpet is a great resilient choice, offering an impressive 20-year stain and wear guarantee.

Offering luxurious cushioning underfoot, I'd recommend this carpet time and time again. It's bleach cleanable nature ensures that any stains or spillages are easily taken care of, offering peace of mind for the whole family.

Invictus Pegasi Carpet | Carpets | ScS
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Only £ 29 .99 sqm

Softest Touch Range
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Warm underfoot
  • Ultimate luxury
  • 20 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 20 years
  • Available widths: 3m, 4m and 5m

Investing in child-friendly carpets where you can make a huge difference to the way your little ones explore around your home. I hope I’ve given you some great ideas for giving your kids’ bedrooms a reboot!

For advice on keeping your carpet in good condition, read our carpet care guide.

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