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The most durable carpets for stairs & high traffic areas

Finding the most durable carpet for those busy areas of your home, from your hallway to your stairs, requires a few more considerations before purchase. Our handy guide is here to do all the hard work for you, so all you have left to do is pick your favourite.

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What type of carpet is the most durable?

High-traffic areas, such as your stairs, will benefit from more durable materials and when it comes to finding the best solution, you have several fabrics that are up to the job.

The sturdiest carpet material is polyamide or synthetic nylon. As they’re typically low pile, they won’t mat down and can handle a substantial amount of foot traffic whilst maintaining a good look.

Polypropylene is also a great material choice as it’s highly stain-resistant, fade-resistant and easy to clean. It’s also very budget-friendly.

If you’re after something a little softer, equally long-lasting and more premium, then wool is also a great choice (though often more expensive). 

What is the best colour carpet for stairs?

This completely depends on your personal preference. You may wish for something neutral that will blend in effortlessly to countless colour schemes or you may want to give your stairs a spruce with a pattern or bold colour. It will also be worth considering whether you live in a shoes on or shoes off household. If it’s likely you’ll be running up and down the stairs in your shoes, opting for a darker, easy to clean, coloured carpet, such as a brown or dark grey would be a more sensible choice.

Whereas if you typically wander around your home barefoot or in slippers, a lighter colour would do just nicely.

The most popular colour carpet for stairs is actually greige – a beautiful blend of grey and beige. This versatile, on-trend colour is loved as it complements a myriad of design styles.

Though saying that, if it’s constructed from the incredibly stain-resistant polypropylene, you won’t have to limit your colour choices. 

Discover the latest trends in stair carpets by reading our article, Top 3 trending stair carpet design & ideas.

What is the hardest wearing carpet for stairs?

As your carpet takes a lot of footfall during the day, it’s important you invest in hard-wearing flooring to withstand the daily wear and tear. 

There are different carpet types available and the main ones you want to look out for are a level loop or a multi-level loop.

A level loop is a type of loop pile in which all of the loops of the carpet are made the same size, creating a smooth and even surface.

Whereas a multi-level loop carpet has a distinct appearance and the loop piles are of varying heights to create a multi-dimensional look.

They’re both great choices for stairs for a handful of reasons: they bounce back, their retention is better and footprints don’t get imprinted.

However, it’s worth noting if you have pets then it’s best to rule out loop piles as their claws can get caught and the carpet can easily snag.

Your next best option is the popular tight twist pile carpet.

Top 3 durable stair carpets

This trio of carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas like your stairs.

1. Living Kasbah carpet

Our Kasbah Carpet collection is practical, contemporary and suitable for all rooms, excluding bathrooms and kitchens.

Made from 100% polypropylene, the Kasbah carpet is incredibly durable and bleach-cleanable for added peace of mind. It is also available in a choice of 12 stylish colours, making it a truly versatile choice.

Key features:

  • 100% polypropylene
  • Bleach cleanable
  • General use carpet
  • 4m & 5m widths available

2. Living Madagascar carpet

Made from 100% polypropylene, the Madagascar carpet is a resilient and durable option for high traffic areas in the home, including stairs and hallways. Bleach-cleanable and boasting a fantastic 10-year stain and wear guarantee, it provides excellent quality at incredible value.

Available in an impressive 16 colourways, the Madagascar provides a range of possibilities to suit many styles and colour schemes.

Key features:

  • Made from 100% polypropylene
  • Available in 4 and 5 metre widths
  • Bleach cleanable
  • 10-year stain and wear guarantee
Madagascar Carpet | Carpets & Flooring | ScS
More product colours

Only £ 16 .49 sqm

Modern Loops Range
Great for modern-day family life, with various loop designs.
  • 10 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 10 years
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m

3. Associated Weavers new heather twist elite carpet

Offering an impressive range of 20 bleach-cleanable, versatile colours, the Associated Weavers new heather twist elite offers a wealth of versatility and comes with a 20-year stain and wear warranty for added peace of mind.

It's action-backed for added comfort underfoot and suitable for all areas around the home, except for kitchens and bathrooms.

Key features:

  • 20-year wear warranty
  • 20-year stain warranty
  • Available in 3m, 4m and 5m widths
  • 100% polypropylene

Half price when you buy underlay*

Associated Weavers New Heather Twist Elite Carpet | Carpets | ScS
More product colours

Only £ 67 .99 sqm

Long Lasting Luxury Range
A durable carpet which is ideal for all areas of your home. Great for homes with children & pets.
  • 20 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 20 years
  • Available widths: 3m, 4m and 5m

Half price when you buy underlay*

Stair carpet ideas

Make a statement with your stairs and go for stripes, checked and geometric patterned carpets.

Striped carpets

Stripes are popular on stairs as they elongate the space when they’re laid on straight stairways.

Our Victoria Darcy Twist Stripe Carpet is a great choice, available in 6 stylish colourways. Naturally drawing the eye, this classic pattern will never go out of style making for a worthwhile investment.

The great thing about striped carpets is that you can be as bold and as colourful as you like, or if you prefer something a little more subtle you can opt for muted tones or a colour gradient. 

No matter if you go for a full-width carpet or a fitted runner, striped carpets always offer visual impact.

Piccadilly Cord Stripe Carpet | Carpets | ScS
More product colours

Only £ 15 .99 sqm

Modern Loops Range
Great for modern-day family life, with various loop designs.
  • 15 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 10 years
  • Available widths: 4m

Plain coloured carpets

Plain coloured carpets are the most common choice as they’re simplistic and easier to pair with your home’s colour scheme.

Neutral coloured carpets are especially effective for winding stairs as they create a light and spacious feel.

They work equally as well if you have straight staircases, as they work to open the space out. From bright and bold colours to the nice and neutral, you can certainly add some personality to your stair carpet.

Living Manila Silver Carpet | Carpets | ScS
More product colours
Was £ 23 .99 sqm
Was £ 23 .99 sqm

Now only £ 11 .99 sqm

Softest Touch Range
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Warm underfoot
  • Ultimate luxury
  • 10 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 10 years
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m

More durable carpet options for stairs

Now you know which carpet types and materials to look out for, as well as the selection of suitable patterns and colours, we’ve rounded up our pick of the most durable carpets for those high traffic areas in your home.

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