The best flooring for a conservatory

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a new conservatory or replacing some worn out flooring, I’ve got all you need to know for choosing the best flooring for a conservatory.

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What to consider when choosing conservatory flooring

As well as having a variety of uses, conservatories can also experience a huge difference in temperature throughout the year, from the bitter frost of the winter months to the warming heat of summer. So choosing some flooring that’s going to be a good foundation to see your conservatory through all the seasonal changes is important.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best conservatory flooring:

Do you need a hardwearing option?

If your conservatory is likely to have heavy usage and a lot of footfall, you may want to consider a durable and easy-to-clean option.

Do you need extra insulation? 

A conservatory can get quite cold during the winter months so if you’re hoping to create a cosy conservatory, flooring and underlay with insulating properties will help keep your conservatory warm and inviting.

Is your conservatory in a sunny spot? 

Due to their wall-to-wall windows, conservatories can get rather warm, particularly during the summer months, and let in a lot of sunshine. Certain types of flooring can be damaged by sun-fading so, if your room lets in a lot of light, choose flooring that is more resistant to sun fading or invest in some blinds to block out sunlight.

Does your room get damp?

Choosing a flooring type and underlay that has a moisture barrier will help protect your flooring from damp. It is worth noting that, if having your flooring fitted with ScS, we will arrange for your room to be fully prepped and checked to see if it’s free from damp before fitting your flooring.

How will you be using the space?

The flooring you choose needs to suit your lifestyle and the purpose of the room. Think about how you intend to use the space and choose the best practical option.

Will it complement your existing décor?

Of course, the look of your flooring will be just as important as the practicalities. As most flooring types now come in all sorts of styles, colours and patterns, you’ll probably be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one to match your interior style!

You may want to opt for a classic look that will go with many designs – perfect if you like to change up your décor from time to time, or a bolder choice and keep the rest of your room simple.

What is the best type of flooring for a conservatory?

Laminate is a fantastic, hard-wearing option for a conservatory. It is also easy-to-clean and maintain, making it a great practical choice if the area is going to have a lot of footfall or if you have children and pets. It’s also resistant to sunlight, so may not fade as quickly as other flooring options.

Take a look at my recommended laminate products below:

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is a high quality, practical choice that allows you the authentic look of textures such as wood, stone and tile, without the price tag or the added maintenance. It’s also very hardwearing and is durable enough to withstand a busy household.

Here are my recommended LVT products below:

If you’re looking for something highly stylish and easy on the eye, engineered flooring offers high quality solid wood in a variety of attractive finishes. It is designed to handle high traffic areas, though it is prone to sun damage so this is something to consider if your conservatory gets a lot of natural light.

Take a look at my recommended engineered floors:

Some new flooring can update your conservatory in an instant and transform it into a welcoming, relaxing space for the whole family to enjoy. 

I hope I've given you some great conservatory ideas. For more advice on flooring, visit our Inspiration Hub, where you can find buying guides, keep-up-to-date on current trends and find out the best ways to care for your flooring.

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30th January 2024

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