Can a carpet soundproof your home?

Wondering how to soundproof your home? Read through my guide to discover the best underlays and carpets that have soundproofing benefits.

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How does carpet soundproof your home?

Carpet has great noise-absorbing qualities and laying a thick carpet can help to reduce sound by absorbing airborne noises and impact noises, such as loud footsteps you may find with other flooring, such as floorboards.

It is said that carpets can reduce sound by up to 34 decibels. 

The benefits of soundproofing your home

There are many great reasons to soundproof your room.

Soundproofing can help to block out sounds, such as through the wall of an attached house or neighbouring flat, but also reduces noise from water pipes, electrical equipment and outside disturbance.

Carpet also helps to keep noise inside the room, so things like voices and footsteps are less likely to be heard elsewhere in the house. 

By keeping these ordinary noises to a minimum, carpet helps to create a quieter home and more peaceful environment.

If you have trouble sleeping or live in a household with different sleep schedules, a carpet can make your space more peaceful and help you relax for a good night's sleep.

What type of carpet is best for soundproofing?

There are so many different types of carpet and there are no wrong options when it comes to soundproofing as they will all offer a level of noise reduction.

Carpets come in a variety of thicknesses and quite simply, the thicker the carpet, the more effective the soundproofing! 

It’s important to choose a carpet that suits your space – whether you need something durable for high traffic areas such as stairs and landings or something more luxurious for a bedroom.

You may need something easy to clean if you have pets or children or perhaps you’d prefer a sustainable option.

Whichever you prefer, ensure you choose the right carpet to suit your home and lifestyle.

Best carpets to help soundproof your home

Here are a few of my carpet recommendations to help soundproof your home:

1. Reef carpet

A heavy domestic carpet, the Reef Carpet is a great choice for soundproofing. 

As the carpet is made from 100% recycled polyester, it is a hardwearing carpet – perfect for high traffic areas – and comes with a 7-year stain and wear guarantee.

2. Coral carpet

The Coral carpet is a luxuriously thick carpet and a fantastic sound proofing option.

As a great general use carpet, it is ideal for living areas such as the living room, bedroom and dining room.

It also comes with a 7-year stain and wear guarantee, making it a great, durable option.

3. Sabre twist super

The Sabre Twist Super carpet is a dense carpet – perfect for soundproofing.

Made from 100% polypropylene, it is also extremely durable and easy to maintain, making it a great option for many areas of the home, including stairs and landings. 

4. Mauritius supreme carpet

The Mauritius Supreme Carpet is a cosy and hardwearing option, offering a fantastic 20 year stain and wear guarantee.

Made from 100% polypropylene, the Mauritius carpet is bleach-cleanable, making it an excellent choice for many living spaces including the dining room, living room and bedroom.

What type of underlay is best for soundproofing?

In addition to carpet, underlay is a great way to reduce noise.

For the best underlay for blocking out sounds, I'd recommend choosing one with a higher density.

A SpringBond underlay is a great option as it's thick and made of plastic. The ideal thickness for underlay is generally around 11ml for living spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. However a thinner 9ml option is more suitable for stairs as it is easier to fit.

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15th August 2023

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