The best colour cushions for a grey sofas

So you’ve got your gorgeous grey sofa, now how to dress it? The beauty of grey-toned sofas, whether they’re light or dark, is that they pair perfectly with a catalogue of colours thanks to their much-loved versatility.

Find out how to inject some personality into your living room with our styling tips below. 

How to style a sofa

There are ample ways of styling a sofa, all as individual as you. Firstly, begin by adding some texture and colour with a beautiful throw of your choice – not only will this make for a snuggly addition to your sofa, but it will also work to tie in the colour scheme of your living room. 

As your lounge is the heart of the home, it’s the perfect room to be playful and experimental in when it comes to your colour and style choices.

As our interior stylist, Vicki Foster can attest to “A grey sofa is the ideal base to experiment with different accent colours! Layering is key too, so mix up your cushion styles and textures to add more interest and don’t forget the all-important chunky throw.”

You don’t have to play it safe with solid colours either, why not go for patterned throws and cushions in varying colours for an eclectic look? Doing so will instantly add some interest to your grey couch in one interchangeable swoop.

Plus, this is a great way to keep your living room centrepiece looking fresh, as you can simply rotate your accessories to create a variety of looks during different times of the year.

For spring, you could opt for some pretty pastels, such as mint greens or duck egg blues or perhaps beautiful emerald greens and Fair Isle patterns for the winter months. That way your living room will never look tired, as you’ll be able to switch up your room whenever the mood takes you.

We’ve got plenty more style tips if you need them, our How to Style a Grey Sofa guide is a great place to check out next. 

What colours go best with grey sofas? 

Renowned for their versatility and neutrality, you can have your pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing the colour of your sofa’s complimenting cushions, pillows and throws.

Such soft furnishings have the power to tie your interior schemes together and complete the whole look. Depending on the look you’re wishing to create will influence the colour choices you make when dressing a sofa. 

Grey sofas are a great option if you like to mix up your style, as they allow flexibility and interchangeability within your interior décor; whilst providing the perfect backdrop to offset your personal style. Complementing your grey sofa with a splash of colour is simple.

Vicki suggests “Lots of pastel shades like pink and sky blue, both look amazing with grey and also help to create a calm environment.”

5 cushion colours that go with grey sofas

We’ve rounded up 5 of the top colour schemes that work well with a grey sofa, and will hopefully give you some much-needed inspiration to style your own. 

1. Neutrals

Choosing an alternative neutral tone such as a cream, beige or white lend themselves nicely to a simplistic and minimalist style.

If you’re on the hunt for scatter cushions, you can create a classic and crisp combination with white cushions against light or dark grey.

Keep it interesting with block colours or mix in some patterned throw pillows in varying textures.

This striking contrast on a dark grey sofa will be sure to make a fantastic combo! 

2. Pink

Coupling dusky pink with grey is a wonderfully feminine and romantic combination.

Decorative throw pillows in pretty pink will sit beautifully on a light grey sofa or add a softness to a dark grey sofa.

If a brighter pink is more up your street, you could opt for bubble gum or hot pink to add a fun and fresh vibe to your otherwise neutral sofa. 

3. Blue/Purple

To complement a cooler shade of grey, look to hues of blue and purple, and you’ll be ahead of the trend as the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year is Very Peri!

You may be wondering what this is – well it’s a beautiful blue with a violet red undertone that quite frankly would work effortlessly with light or dark grey sofas. 

4. Yellow

Pairing yellow with grey creates the perfect cheery combination for accent pillows on a grey sofa.

As 2021’s Pantone Colour of the Year was Illuminating and Ultimate Grey, it’s clear yellow, and grey is still a popular mix and will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Another beautiful shade of yellow that works well with grey is ochre, Vicki certainly recommends this duo, “Ochre has been around for a while now but still looks amazing when paired with grey. It’s a strong, vibrant colour that really makes your room pop!

Shared by: @athomewith_steph

5. Monochrome

An increasingly popular colour trend is monochrome as it’s incredibly chic and impactful.

Offsetting black and white with grey works wonderfully, and utilising high-contrast patterns within your sofa accessories are sure to make a statement in the heart of your living room. 

Top tips when choosing colours

If you’re still stuck on choosing colours to complement your light or dark grey sofa, then our top tips of dos or don’ts should help you on your way:


Stick to complementary colours of your living room 

Pick either warm or cool-toned colours as they’ll enhance one another 

Break up the room with colourful layers and statement accessories 


Use colours that’ll clash with your carpet, curtains and other home accessories

Stick with other shades of grey as they’ll get lost 

Be afraid to be bright and bold with your choices – these looks are often the best 

In short, the best colour cushions for a grey and dark sofa are those that already work with your style and interior colour palette.

Luckily, you can’t go too wrong when styling a grey sofa thanks to its incredible versatility – happy styling!

We’d love to see how you end up dressing your grey sofa, so be sure to tag us in your room makeover over on our Instagram @scssofas.   

Published: 4th February 2022