How to choose cushions for grey sofa: expert tips & ideas

So you’ve got your gorgeous grey sofa, but are wondering how to style it? The beauty of grey-toned sofas, whether they’re light or dark, is that they pair perfectly with a variety of colours. Here's my easy guide to help you elevate your grey sofa and room décor.

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How to style a grey sofa

Contemporary, versatile and timeless, a grey sofa offers many ways to style it - and the opportunity to show off your unique style. As the lounge is often the heart of your home, it’s the perfect room to be playful and experimental when it comes to your colour and style choices. Thanks to its ability to lend itself well to countless colour schemes, a grey sofa is the perfect choice for trying out different shades.


You don’t have to play it safe with solid colours either, why not go for patterned throws and cushions in varying colours for an eclectic look? Doing so will instantly add some interest to your grey couch in one interchangeable swoop.


Plus, this is a great way to keep your living room centrepiece looking fresh, as you can simply rotate and swap around your accessories as often as you feel. For spring, you could opt for some pretty pastels, such as mint greens or duck egg blues or perhaps beautiful emerald greens and Fair Isle patterns for the winter months. That way your living room will never look tired, as you’ll be able to switch up your room whenever the mood takes you.

What colours go best with grey sofas? 

Renowned for their versatility and neutrality, grey sofas give you the pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing the colour of your accent cushions, pillows and throws.


Such soft furnishings have the power to tie your interior schemes together and complete the whole look. The look you’re wishing to create will influence the colour choices you make when dressing a sofa. 


Grey sofas are a great option if you like to mix up your style, as they allow flexibility and interchangeability within your interior décor; whilst providing the perfect backdrop to offset your personal style. Complementing your grey sofa with a splash of colour is simple.


And to help you get started, here are my 5 favourite colours to pair with grey:

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1. Yellow

Yellow and grey is a great pairing as it strikes a balance between modern style and inviting comfort, making the room look warm and welcoming.

Subtle pastel yellows can enhance a light grey sofa's elegance, while bold mustard or ochre hues add warmth to darker grey pieces.

I like to choose accessories that tie the whole look together, whether that be cushions and throws on the sofa itself, or artwork, lampshades and rugs around the room.

Whether you're aiming for a subtle contrast or a bold statement, the combination of yellow and grey proves a timeless and delightful design choice.

2. Neutrals

Choosing an alternative neutral colour such as a cream, beige or white creates a simplistic and minimalist style. These paler shades go especially well with lighter greys, whilst more earthy colours, like taupe, compliment darker greys.

Whichever neutral shade you choose, the result will be a room that feels calm and tranquil.

If you'd like to add a bit of interest, then I recommend adding in a block of colour, patterns or varying textures with your accessories to layer up the look. Think a checkered rug or throw, or soft chunky knit cushions.

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3. Pink

Coupling pink and grey is a wonderful design combination. Soft or muted pink tones can add a touch of gentleness, while bolder shades of pink bring energy and vibrancy to the neutrality of a grey sofa.

What I love about pink is its versatility. Its warm undertone makes a room feel cosy and inviting, whilst it's many playful shades allow you to have a bit of fun with your decor by incorporating modern or eclectic elements into your room.

4. Blue

The calming tones of blue and the neutrality of a grey sofa work together to create a classic and sophisticated colour combination.

I especially like the many shades of blue there are to choose from – deep navy which adds depth to a room, to powder blue that creates a feeling of airiness and freshness.

A great way to introduce blue is through textured fabrics or patterned accessories: think blue cushions, blankets or area rugs to provide texture and dimension to your room.

Metallic accents, such as gold and silver, are one of my favourite ways to add a touch of glamour to blue and grey décor. Trying adding accessories like metallic frames, vases and lamps to really elevate your sofa. 

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5. Monochrome

A monochrome palette is perfect for giving your room a sleek and modern vibe. When paired with a grey sofa, it gives a clean, minimalist look to your décor. 

Monochrome works with all shades of grey to give a really cohesive look. But if you want to break it up a bit, mix up the textures. Soft fabrics, smooth surfaces, and textured accents in various greys all work together to give depth and warmth to your room.

I like to make my monochrome style pop a bit by adding a splash of colour. If you want to do the same, then try adding in a vibrant red cushion or some funky artwork. It’s a great way to inject a bit of your personality. 

Top tips when choosing colours

If you’re still stuck on choosing colours to complement your light or dark grey sofa, then here are my top tips to help you on your way:


  • Pick colours you like as you'll want to enjoy your room
  • Pick either warm or cool-toned colours as they’ll enhance one another 
  • Break up the room with colourful layers, textures and statement accessories 


  • Use colours that’ll clash with your carpet, curtains or other home accessories (unless you want to change everything)
  • Use too many accent colours - choose one or two colours to establish a clear scheme
  • Be afraid to be bright and bold with your choices – these looks are often the best 

I’ve got plenty more style tips if you need them. Why not check out Grey Sofa Decor Ideas.

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13 February 2023

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