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6 ways to bring brown into your home

Warming and versatile, here are my six easy ways to use brown to create a warm and inviting space. Image credit: @the_lee_bees_home

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Though brown is not always the most obvious choice when it comes to decorating and interior design, it would seem the earthy shade is having a resurgence – and for good reason. 

A colour of nature, brown is a strong, well-grounded shade, which evokes comfort and wellness in the home.

For this reason, brown is a fantastic colour to introduce into living spaces – not to mention its fantastic versatility.

From rich coffee-inspired tones to creamy caramel hues – there are a myriad of brown shades to choose from, explaining why the controversial colour is a new favourite neutral. 

With brown being such a diverse shade, there are many ways to introduce it into the home. Read on for ways to create an inviting atmosphere using brown:

1. Brown sofas

Highly versatile, stylish and cosy, a brown sofa offers the perfect opportunity to relax in a comforting space.

With a myriad of shades to offer, brown has long been a popular colour choice for a sofa and has the ability to lend itself well to countless colour schemes.

Whether you’re adding some cosiness against a pale backdrop with a sumptuously rich chocolate brown sofa or a touch of tan to make a fantastic contrast in a darkly decorated brown room.

Not to mention the amount of fabulous fabrics to choose from – from luxurious supple brown leather to soft plush sofas you can dive into at the end of the day.

Shop our range of brown sofas to choose some timeless and cosy seating for your living room.


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2. Decorating with brown

There are many benefits to choosing brown paint when considering a new colour scheme.

The vast choice in shades make it an easy colour to work with and its qualities as a versatile colour mean it can work harmoniously with other neutral shades, such as off-white, cream, terracotta, beige or grey.

Mid brown shades will add warmth and help a room feel inviting without being overwhelmingly dark.

If you’re not feeling brave enough to go for a deep brown, try a lighter tone, such as tan or darker beige and then build up the look with furnishings, such as curtains and rugs in darker brown tints.

3. Brown dining room

As a social setting, an ideal dining room should always be welcoming and appealing to those invited to share the space – whether you’re entertaining friends or sitting down for a family evening meal.

Brown is a fantastic choice for creating an elegant and sophisticated dining space and its diverse range of shades mean it can be used in any sized dining setting.

The key to getting the ambience right is by using different textures and layers.

This will give the room a cosy touch, creating an intimate environment.

Due to its natural connotations, brown works well with other elements found in nature.

Pairing brown with organic materials, such as wood, leather, linen and rattan will further establish an earthy scheme and ensure the room doesn’t feel too cold. 

If you would rather not have brown walls, you can always weave brown into your setting through furnishings, such as a rug, artwork, or with some beautifully upholstered brown dining chairs.

A dining table with wooden features accompanied by some brown leather dining chairs will offer warmth and a sophisticated finish.

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4. Brown wood furniture

Traditional brown wood furniture will always look elegant. From rich mahogany to honey-toned oak, warm walnut and deep chestnut, there are endless types and shades of brown wood furniture to choose from, which are guaranteed to complete any room effortlessly.

There are so many options for brown wood furniture to choose from and is a great way to determine the scheme and feel for your room.

From classic chunky straight-lined pieces to industrial style furniture with slim, black legs for a contemporary feel, or low slung retro designs with slim tapered legs if you like a vintage look. 

Opt for a matching set or, at the least, the same shade of wood to give your room a seamless flow.

Alternatively, create an eclectic, relaxed feel with a collection of dark and light brown furniture, or reclaimed wood for a rustic vibe.

5. Lighting

Lighting can transform any living space into an inviting oasis; and getting the light right in a brown room is essential to avoid it looking too dark and dingy.

Use warm lighting to create a relaxing ambience and lots of layered lights so you can choose how bright you want your room to be based on the mood and setting.

Use a mix of floor and table lamps to illuminate your space and add a stunning centrepiece on the ceiling to draw the eye up. 

We love the way @the_lee_bees_home ‘s dramatic brown stag chandelier and wooden table lamps give their brown living room a dreamy glow.

Image credit: @the_lee_bees_home

6. Brown living room

Due to brown’s natural earthy tones, brown is an ideal colour for creating a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect choice for a living room.

Brown’s strong yet warm pigments give it the ability to make a room feel both tranquil and sophisticated in equal measure, for an environment fit for socialising and relaxing.

There are many ways to give your living room a brown makeover. Decorating in a dark, saturated shade like rich chocolate will give the space a cosy appeal.

Generally speaking, deeper shades tend to give rooms a look of grandeur and extravagance, whereas a lighter shade may be more beneficial if you have a smaller room or want to avoid making your space look too dark. 

Give your brown living room more depth by using accent colours such as beige, or a nature-inspired colour such as terracotta.

Or go modern with an on-trend grey and brown living room colour scheme. Using contrasting yet complimentary colours against the brown will lift the room and give it a homey feel.

I hope you now have a some inspiration to bring brown into your home.

If brown isn't for you, take a look at our guide on bringing another versatile and warming neutral, beige into your home.

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11th July 2023

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