8 carpet trends to take your flooring style to new levels

In the wake of Covid, it seems carpets are back to inject some desired cosiness back into homes. Read on to explore my pick of current carpet styles that'll do just that.

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As the appeal for laminate and wooden floors takes a step down, carpets are climbing back to the flooring top spot, making a comeback in sumptuous style and adding something soft and soothing underfoot.

From bold coloured carpets to striped patterns, sustainable options and pretty pastels, 2023 has seen an eclectic collection of carpets take the floor.

Here are my 8 key carpet ideas for 2023:

Bold and bright

Following the neutral domination seen in homes in recent years, the desire to bring joy and colour back into our lives has extended to carpets and flooring.

If you want to keep your walls neutral, carpet is the perfect way to inject character and personality to a room.

The striking shades of our Daytona Deluxe carpet will saturate any space in a blanket of colour. 

Daytona Deluxe Carpet

Icarus Twist Carpet

Lovely in lilac

Fun, fresh and feminine, pastel shades have been seen everywhere in 2023, from our furniture and furnishings to our flooring.

No longer a shade reserved for playrooms and little girls’ bedrooms, lilacs are being laid all over the home, lifting lounges and delighting dining rooms.

Our Icarus Twist carpet in Lilac is guaranteed to add softness to any living space.

Sustainable materials

More than just a trend, the crusade to turn our homes into eco-friendly sanctuaries is evident in our walkways, with more and more sustainable options being (responsibly) made.

Our range of Sedna carpets are the perfect example.

Made from economically regenerated nylon, our Sedna carpets are manufactured using discarded fishing nets collected from our oceans.

It also has an Eco FusionBac textile back, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

SEDNA Oceanus Carpet

Piccadilly Cord Stripe Carpet

Striped carpet

Moving away from block colours, the classic lines of a striped carpet is seeing a resurgence.

Striped carpets help to add a little interest to a room whilst not being overly daring.

Stripes are also a great way to elongate a space and work to draw the eye upwards.

For this reason, a striped carpet is a popular choice for stairs, hallways and landings. 

Tartan and plaid

Love them or hate them, tartan and plaid carpets are a classic style of carpet that will stand the test of time.

Cosy and nostalgic, checked patterned carpets fit the bill for adding a touch of traditional country chic to your home but can still easily be used to create a modern look.

Our Roger Fells Campbell Town Tartan Carpet gives this hallway a contemporary edge against pale walls and a mix of traditional and modern furnishings.

Campbell Town Tartan Carpet

Pensacola Carpet

Grounding colours

Grounding, earthy colours bring a sense of security – adding warmth and comfort to a living space.

These are particularly popular in bedrooms and guest rooms as they create the perfect restful environment but will work in any room in the house.

Look for shades found in nature, such as browns, beiges, terracotta, sand and green hues.

Not only do these colours have calming qualities, but are also hugely versatile so you won’t have any problem complementing your colour schemes.

Sun-drenching shades

If you want to add a burst of happiness in your home, yellow is the way to go.

With its mood-boosting qualities, yellow instantly injects energy and positivity into a room, making it the perfect pick-me-up for any home in need of a lift.

Lay it in the hallway so it can be the warm welcome when you or guests arrive or use it to brighten up a bedroom.

Tintangel Twist Carpet

Wilmslow Wilton Carpet

Animal prints

They may be a little out there but animal prints allow you to bring out your playful side.

The great thing about animal prints is there is no right or wrong when it comes to colour combinations.

They’re basically a new neutral, so will work with just about any colour palette you want on your walls.

If you didn’t want to go all out, try it out in a small room first.

An animal print carpet could be just what you need to liven up your home office!

The zebra style print of our Wilmslow Wilton carpet in Edinburgh fits perfectly with a grey sofa and splashes of colours – yellow, pink and green.

You can find more tips on working animal prints into your home in our article, Trending: Animal prints.

From fashionable carpets to timeless classics that will never go out of style, you’ll be sure to find a carpet to give your flooring a fresh new look in our wide collection.

Don't forget to order free carpet samples delivered straight to your door to ensure the colours match and so you can feel the cosiness. 

Jack Odgen

Written by:

Flooring Specialist

at ScS Coventry

14th August 2023

Jack is the Flooring Specialist based at the Coventry ScS store. Having been part of the ScS flooring team since 2019, Jack knows everything there is to know about the flooring ranges at ScS. Jack's favourite flooring is carpet as it can make a house feel more homely, has a nice underfoot feeling and can help to keep the house a little warmer.