How to recycle old furniture

So you’ve found your dream sofa and you’ve just ordered it. It’s coming in the near future days and you can’t wait to sit back and relax on it! But before you’re able to enjoy the sofa, there’s one lingering question – What do I do with my old sofa?

Here at ScS we’ve compiled a guide on how to recycle your own furniture, which includes sofas and any other large household items.

Charity Shops

A great way to help out the environment and a new family is by donating your old sofa or items to a local charity store. Some charity shops offer a collection service and will come to your home to pick up your sofa, leaving you with a hassle-free option to get rid of your items. Charity shops generally take any household item, as long as it is in a condition that people can use and passes required safety regulations.

List the item online, no matter the quality

Listing your item on a website such as eBay or Gumtree is another way of getting rid with ease. You can specify if you can deliver or if the item is pick-up only. This saves you from having to organise transport. Depending on the quality of the item, by selling your old sofa or furniture, you could make some money on things you no longer need.

Post the item on a social media page.

Social media selling sites such as Facebook Marketplace are great platforms for listing items and are very easily accessible. You can either list your items with a price tag or, if you're not worried about making any money on your old sofa, list it as free and help your old sofa find a new home with someone in need.

Disposing at a local recycling centre

If your item is not suitable for reselling or gifting, you could take your items to your local recycling centre. A recycling centre will be able to dispose of your old sofa responsibly. Check with your recycling centre first they can take your item. You can usually find out this information online or give them a call. Also, be aware that you may need to apply for a permit to take a sofa to the centre if you need to use a van, which may incur a cost.

If you are unable to take your sofa to a recycling centre, your local council will usual provide a collection service for items for a charge.

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