Urban loft design: 7 tips to create the look in your home

Urban loft interior design is all the rage right now. A must for all types of homes, ‘the upper warehouse’ trend expertly fuses old, new, vintage and modern to crates that industrial feel.

Here, we talk you through the ins and outs of urban loft living, including what it is and how you can bring the look to life in your place.

What is urban loft style?

Urban loft design is exactly what it says on the tin – urban interiors for loft (AKA high-rise apartment-type spaces) – or, in other words, New York City pads, with their sky-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed pipework and brick. 

While we’ve referenced apartment-type properties, this form of industrial interior design works well in multiple living spaces. Urban loft interior design can be applied to all sorts of settings, ranging from country homes to modern flats, and everything in between. All you need is an urban loft design vision, and you’re all good to go.

Speaking of urban loft design visions, we’ve already somewhat eluded to what the trend looks like in reality, but if you if you’d like a bit more of a clearer steer, take a look at the industrial décor tips below.

7 top tips for mastering the industrial decor trend
Tip 1: Incorporate reclaimed wood and raw edge furniture into your dining room

For instance, you could invest in a dining table with a reclaimed wooden top and contemporary chrome legs.

Alternatively, you could choose a modern glass table with padded chairs and metal legs and still nail the urban loft trend because you are putting contrasting materials side-by-side.

Tip 2: Don’t overcomplicate your room layout

The best urban loft spaces aren’t crammed full of clutter. They’re open, spacious places that are characterised by straight lines and clear shapes and let the detail shine through via the foundations, e.g. brick walls, wooden beams, metal ducts and pipework.

Tip 3: Let the wood theme flow into your other rooms

You don’t just have to buy a reclaimed wooden dining table and stop at that. Well, you could, if that’s your preference, but urban loft living thrives on having lots of rustic wood furniture pieces, as well as exposed flooring and beams, everywhere. And if they happen to incorporate any metal details, even better! 

Tip 4: Keep your flooring simple in one or more rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have wooden floorboards, and they are in a decent condition or it won’t take too much to restore them, then show them off. Peel back your carpet or cut up the floating wooden flooring that may be covering your boards and embrace their natural beauty. Remember, urban loft living doesn’t have to mean pristine, the more natural and unfinished something looks, the closer you’ll be to nailing the urban trend.

Floorboards aside, exposed concrete floors are also a key feature within industrial interior design. And if you’re worried that having wooden and concrete floors might be too hard and cold underfoot, you can always put some rugs down in key areas, such as under your dining table or in front of your sofas.

Tip 5: Invest in zone-creating storage furniture

Most urban loft spaces are just one space split into different zones and feature space-saving furniture, such as bookshelves and storage units, that are low or are pushed back right against the walls.

The beauty of these pieces is that they act as dividers and provide useful storage, further adding to the minimalistic urban loft look.

Tip 6: Turn your windows into a key feature

Most loft spaces are all about having tall windows that allow the light to stream in all day long. It’s very rare that you’ll see these windows being overcomplicated with fussy window decorations, such as heavy curtains or clunky blinds.

If you are fortunate enough to have sizeable windows, let them stand out by keeping your blinds or curtains practical, but simple (e.g. sheer fabrics).

Tip 7. Let your lighting shine through

The best urban loft ideas are brought to life by uncovential lighting, for instance, an injection of steampunk lighting, featuring plenty of metalwork and quirky light fittings.

Exposed fittings are the epitome of urban loft design, alongside steel, copper or brass wire frames, exposed element and twisted fabric cables. Conventional lampshades and classic floor lamps are a strict no-no unless they’re rocking the retro vibe.

Urban loft design is something we can all embrace. It’s about taking contrasts and blending them together while also keeping things as natural and simple as possible. 

Have a go and see how you get on. We’d love to see the end result, share it with us over on social using #myscshome

Published: 5th July 2022