6 on-trend sofa fabric colours & designs for 2022

Shopping for a new sofa and want to choose something that’s right on-trend?

Maybe you want a statement piece for your living room, a functional sofa for your dressing area or bedroom or something nice and compact for another part of your house? Whatever your sofa requirements, we hear you.

To save you having to scour endless social posts and multiple web pages for cool sofa sets and an idea of what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve compiled a list of on-trend sofa colours and designs, courtesy of our in-house stylist, Victoria Foster.

Feel free to take snippets of inspo from each of the suggestions to create something that’s 100% you or plunge head-first into fully embracing one of the trends recommended by Victoria.

3 trending sofa fabric colours 

1. Black

While there may be a common theme of natural elements being more of a feature in 2022, black accents will become increasingly popular too. This is mainly down to the beautiful contrast they provide against natural wood tones and other organic materials. Expect black to be widely used in furniture, lighting, home decor, trim, doors, walls, ceilings and kitchen appliances.

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2. Green

Forget pastel green, we’re talking Incredible Hulk green!

Whether it’s muted and matt or dripping in gloss, bold greens are a big, big trend at a time that’s seen many of us realise the importance of green spaces.

The great thing about green is that it can be tailored to your own sense of style so easily. For instance, fancy some glamour? Then go with jewel like emerald. More of a nature lover? Then embrace woodlands hues and leaf tones. Wild at heart? Then jungle is still MASSIVE - just choose your print wisely.

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3. Earthy tones

Warm and earthy colour schemes are used to further develop the bond with the natural world and create a sense of freedom presented exclusively by the great outdoors. Beige, brown, terracotta, amber, greige, sands and taupe are among the most popular earthy tones because they promote wellbeing and a sense of tranquillity and calm.

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3 trending sofa designs

1. Round edges

The curvy furniture design trend more than survived the pandemic, it flourished! Furniture and decor with softer edges are both feminine and tolerant. Rounded furniture is also another treasure from the modern era making a comeback. However, this time around, the curve extends beyond sumptuous C-shape sofas to include anything from soft-edge tables to reimagined contemporary chairs.

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2. Minimalism

Minimalist design is widely recognised as being a fashionable interior staple of the moment – on a global scale. During the pandemic, lots of us found ourselves getting rid of old non-functional things. And this affected not only our wardrobes, but also our entire home. We’re not talking about complete minimalism here - as in many of the images you see in magazines. We’re talking minimal decoration and furniture use, with the presence of air and free space being the main requirement.

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3. 70s retro

You can’t beat a bit of 70s retro, which looks like it’s here to stay, influencing many an interior next year. Interior design in the 1970s certainly had its quirks. It was a decade defined by wall-to-wall shag carpeting, funky technicolor furniture, and knickknacks galore. But 1970s interior design also encompassed many timeless elements that are once again resurfacing in homes today. Current decor trends, such as rattan furniture and earthy colour schemes, stem from the retro style and are now emerging from the past in many modern ways.

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If it’s an on-trend sofa you’re after, then the good news is that there are plenty of different colours and designs for you to choose from. The question is, do you just stick to selecting a trending shade and leave it at that, or do you go for a sofa that’s a trendy colour AND design? Decisions, decisions….

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Published: 6th December 2021