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Get the new ‘old’ look in your home using my expert tips for the grandmillennial trend. Image credit: @behind_the_terraced_door

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In with the old and in with the new.

Grandmillennial décor has swept across the interior world for the past couple of years, combining a mix of old–style designs and modern elements. 

If you're curious about the latest trend and eager to incorporate the look into your home, join me as I delve into the nostalgic aesthetic and share tips on how to wholeheartedly embrace it.

What is the Grandmillennial interior trend?

Otherwise known as grandma chic, essentially, the grandmillennial trend is a mix of old-time designs with contemporary features aptly woven in to give it a modern finish.

The aim is to create a cosy space that gives you a sweet reminder of an older relative’s home but with a youthful edge.

The grandmillennial design pays homage to the styles of decades gone by, uniting traditional homey pieces and new trends for an eclectic display of old versus new.

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How to get the Grandmillennial décor trend

As a trend with an overall aim of achieving a fresher feel of your gran’s living room, the grandmillennial is not too hard to knit together.

It’s the traditional home you visited as a child but lighter, airier, less ‘stuffy’ and less cluttered. 

Though the trend has its staple steps, grandmillennial came about through the desire to add more personality to homes; a rebellion against the stark minimalist interior of pale palettes and plain furnishings with only dots of ‘on-trend’ colour to break up a stark aesthetic.

Here are 6 easy steps to bring the characteristic grandmillennial style into your living space.

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1. Floral wallpaper

Straight from your grandma’s living room, the grandmillennial wallpaper is an essential traditional floral design, evoking a sense of familiarity and ease.

The modern grandmillennial floral wallpaper is more subdued than the bolder designs of years ago, with softened muted hues replacing richer or vibrant shades.

Dusky pink, soft green or delicate blue will work best with a vintage inspired scheme.

The new take on the garden-inspired look is more intricate, with great care being put into fine details and realistic designs as opposed to oversized petal patterns.

If the idea of flowery walls feel too full on, try incorporating some florals through the use of furnishings, such as curtains or some beautifully upholstered chairs.

2. Vintage elements

No grandmillennial home would feel quite as granny chic without the fundamental antique furnishings.

Dark, rich wooded furniture are key to the grandmillennial look, bringing a nostalgic charm and character in keeping with a period home.

Brown and red toned pieces are perfect for the vintage aesthetic.

Mahogany, cherry and walnut pieces seem to be the typical grandmillenial furniture and always looks elegant.

Don’t forget to accompany your antique furniture with contemporary elements to add a fun and playful look to make the room look less ‘stuffy’. 

I love @behind_the_terraced_door’s traditional brown display cabinet and coffee table amongst a cosy setting: 

Image credit: @behind_the_terraced_door

Image credit: @waxandbloom_

3. Crockery collections

Complete your grandmillennial look by displaying your own collection of decorative assortments.

Collections of silverware, china and ornamental plates are key elements to the grandmillennial movement and are a great way to add personality to a room.

If you’re short of family heirlooms or don’t want to invest in a prized china collection, vintage tea cups and saucers will add just as much charm and needn’t cost a fortune.

A mis-matched array on a shelf will add a quirky twist if you can’t find a matching set. 

Tip – Avoid making your space look cluttered by choosing your accessories carefully.

Simple and elegant – @waxandbloom_’s ornament display shows a treasured collection without being too busy: 

4. Get crafty

From embroidery to lacework, cross stitch and crochet, traditional craft works have once again become popular past times, with hobbyists opting to take up the tasks and make intricate items to show off around the home.

Not only can it be a great way to show off a skill but add a personal touch to the home.

Get yourself a handy starter kit for beginners, scour charity shops for an authentic vintage piece of embroidered art or support a local crafter by having something special commissioned.

A knitted throw is perfect companion for a comfy sofa: @homeat29jp 

Image credit: @homeat29jp

Image credit: @welcome_to_bluebell

5. Comfort is key

Creating a cosy and warm atmosphere is essential to the grandmillennial style.

Emulating a contentment only found in granny’s house, the trend evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Fill your home with plush, soft touch fabrics and a mix of different materials to create an inviting environment.

Wicker furniture and accessories, snuggly cushions, rugs, knitted throws and cosy seating will achieve that irresistible stay-at-home look.

@welcome_to_bluebell is giving us the snuggly feels with all kinds of cosiness: 

6. Vintage lighting

Bring the look together with some fitting vintage lighting.

Since the trend for all things old has taken form, antique lighting has seen a rise in demand.

Look for pleated and patterned lampshades, statement chandeliers, fringed details and standing lamps.

Image credit: @this_little_house_of_ours

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