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Our ScS Leather Sofas in Detail

Our leather sofas are a combination of 100% genuine leather on seats, armrests and back cushions, complete with leather-look fabric on the sides and back to offer amazing value at an affordable price.

Leather Sofa Need To Know

Is leather or fabric better for pets?

Leather furniture is better for dogs and cats, so pet-proof your house by choosing a pet-friendly leather sofa. They are easy to wipe clean and with no sofa material for pet hair to cling on to, hair removal is a cinch.

Cat claws may snag on the fabric weave of a sofa, but your leather couch should be safe if you keep a scratching post close by. As for any dog scratches, just count it as adding to the distressed look as a leather sofa naturally ages. Free personalisation, courtesy of our four-legged friends.

What is the best way to clean a leather sofa?

Little and often - keep a damp microfiber cloth close to wipe down any crumbs and dirt. Add on the vacuum brush nozzle to snozzle up those trickier bits stuck down the sofa corners and sides.

What gets stains out of a leather sofa?

Speed! Catch a liquid spill as quick as you can and wipe up any tea or coffee before it dries, then cleanse the spot with a leather cleaning solution and wipe dry thoroughly. You can make your own leather sofa cleaner by mixing together equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl.

For any grease stains (takeaways on the couch happen), sprinkle some baking soda on first to absorb the oil and then clean in the same way.

To treat scratches, use the cleaning solution first and follow with some rubbing mild oil like baby oil over the scratch using circular movements. Then simply wipe off the oil and leave the sofa to air dry.

How do you maintain a leather sofa?

Buff, buff and buff - then keep it conditioned. The best way to look after a leather sofa is to wipe it regularly, and treat the material to some regular conditioning to maintain its shine. Leather naturally contains oils, so top up the levels using a specialised leather conditioner cream, then buff dry.

Position your leather sofa away from direct sunlight or radiators to keep the leather soft and supple. Check the manufacturer’s tag for specific cleaning instructions, avoid using all purpose cleaners, and you’ll have a leather sofa to enjoy for many years to come.


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