What colour goes with grey carpet?

Are you wondering what colour goes with grey carpet? Maybe you’ve already got grey carpet and want it to blend in with the rest of your décor? Or it could be that you’re planning on getting grey carpet fitted in your lounge or bedroom and now need to figure out what you do with the rest of the room.

First of all, grey carpet is an excellent choice. It’s a versatile colour that works well pretty much anywhere. It appeals to men and women, and if you choose a darker shade, it’s great for hiding dirty marks.

As for colours that go with grey carpet, there are plenty! More than you may initially realise. Here we talk you through some of the most popular grey carpet interior design trends that are transforming rooms right now. 

Grey carpet colour schemes 

Here are the 5 colours that go with grey carpet

1. Grey 

Believe it or not, grey works well with other shades of grey. And if you have several different greys in one room, even better. 

Take a look at @hannahs_homex stylish grey lounge

2. Cream, beige or white

You may have noticed in the picture above, how well white works against grey. The same can be said for cream and beige too. All of these shades do an excellent job of cutting through the grey, making rooms instantly look fresh and modern. It’s a colour combo we can’t get enough of.

Take a look at how @maddy_athome has added a beige blanket to their grey bedroom

3. Blue 

Blue and grey were simply made for each other. However, there is a bit of a trick to using them here, that will guarantee you get the colour pairing spot on. Select shades with the same undertone; so if you’ve got a light grey sofa, you may want to paint one or all of your walls light blue. If you’ve got dark grey carpet, then you could have dark blue curtains, throws and light shades. Pair light with light, and dark with dark.

We love the dark blue feature wall from @chloe.at.chilvers

4. Pink

Baby pink and light grey, and dark grey and blush are excellent colour choices. Together, they give off a welcoming and calm vibe that looks great in nurseries and living rooms too. (Tip: if you like blush, but don’t feel brave enough to go all-out with it, a blush rug, throw and accessories is all you need).

We love the pink walls and the light grey carpet @home_with_thehinds

5. Yellow

While it may sound a bit bold and out there, grey and yellow, especially mustard yellow, are extremely effective. And if you add an injection of crisp white, the colours are all brought together perfectly, without looking too overpowering. Black works particular well with yellow and grey too (we’re thinking black picture frames, side tables and patterned cushions). 

We love the pop of yellow with this grey carpet! @happycornishmama

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Sofas that go with grey carpet 

You can’t beat a light or dark grey sofa against the backdrop of light or dark grey carpet. The contrast between the two shades is a spectacular pairing, and one that features on many an Instagram feed these days.

Understated, chic and contemporary, grey-on-grey works well in most rooms, but really comes into its own in living rooms. And when you incorporate bright white, chrome, silver and black into the mix, or even, a splash of colour, the results that can be achieved are pure interior design genius.

Real-life room inspiration:

A dark grey sofa against light grey carpet


A light grey sofa against dark grey carpet


A dark grey sofa, light grey carpet and a splash of mustard/yellow


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By now, you’ll have no doubt realised that grey carpet works wonderfully with so many other shades, including grey! If you want something more subtle, then grey with grey, with a splash of white and silver could just be for you. And if you love a bit of colour, there are shades of yellow, blue and pink to pick from. Explore, experiment and enjoy making more of your grey carpet, which is much easier to do than you may have initially thought…

Have you got a grey sofa in your living room you want to make more of? This article, ‘Grey sofa living room ideas,’ contains practical advice on making it happen. It includes further insight on the best colour schemes, as well as some handy guidance on accessorising your sofa.

Published: 20 December 2021