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10 of the best dining room chairs

Let’s talk dining room chairs. They may be an everyday piece of furniture, but they’re an important piece of furniture we don’t tend to change all that often. This makes choosing the right dining chairs even more crucial. Here are my recommendations on the best dining chairs

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There are functional dining room chairs and there are more decorative options. There are also chairs that are a balance between the two.

The options are varied, so be clear on your requirements before shopping around and make sure you settle on something that serves you well for many years to come.

What is considered the best chair at a dining table?

It goes back to the point we’ve just made because what’s ‘best’ for one person, may not be ‘best’ for another. Where possible, choose chairs that meet your needs.

For instance, you may want something with extra padding because you spend lots of time at your dining room table, not just eating and entertaining, but working and doing arts and crafts.

If this is the case, something that incorporates ergonomic design, plenty of foam and softer fabrics, could be more up your street.

Alternatively, you may need something that’s easy to keep clean and wipe down because you’ve got a young family. In these instances, designs that incorporate wood, plastic and leather are an ideal option.

And if you have a large family or have lots of get-togethers and need plenty of seats, you may want to go for a bench over individual chairs.

But that’s just the practical side of selecting dining room chairs. There are the style requirements to factor in too.

For example, you may want something that matches the colour scheme or other materials in your dining room or is a focal point in its own right.

Unfortunately, there is no universal ‘best’ chair, but there are chair options that look how you want them to look and do exactly what you need them to do.

Should dining chairs be higher than the table?

It may not be something you’ve considered before, but there is an ideal dining room chair height, which involves your chair backs being taller than your table top (at least two inches taller).

As a general rule of thumb, the gap between the chair seat and table top should be around 26cm, which will enable you to sit at the table comfortably. You’ll also have plenty of leg room too.

If your chairs measure between 46 and 51cm from the floor to the top of the seat, it’s a clear indicator they will fit well under a standard table.

Don’t forget - if your chairs are padded or have plump cushions, this added detail will add to your overall seat height.

10 of the best dining room chairs

Country style dining chairs

1. Cruz Pair of Cross Back Dining Chairs 

Featuring traditional design with a twist of country classic charm, these wooden chairs have tall backs for plenty of support and comfortable padded seats.

Put two, four, six or more of them around your table for consistent style or mix and match them with other chair designs.  

2. Brooklyn Pair of Natural Check Cross Back Dining Chairs

These Brooklyn wooden dining room chairs look nice and traditional with their warm oak finish and, just like the Cruz chairs, feature comfortable padded seats with a checked pattern.

The backs, which are nice and tall for ample support, are a real statement, thanks to the cross effect design. 

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Wooden dining room chairs

3. Herrington Pair of Dining Chairs

A pair of chairs with an eye for those extra special details.

Crafted from solid American white oak with a rich oil finish, the Herrington chairs are effortlessly elegant.

With brown faux leather padded seat, you can ensure meal times are comfortable.

4. Marylebone Pair of Dining Chairs

If you want to make a modern statement in your home, the painted black Acacia design of the Marylebone dining chairs are the perfect pick.

The contrasting mix of the dark Acacia wood and the natural colour and unique grain of the oak seat bases will elevate any dining space and wow your guests.

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5. Archie Oak Bench

If your short on space, a bench seat for your dining table is a great option as it can slide under the table - and you could even squeeze a few guests onto it!

The Archie bench combines rich wood textures thanks to the stunning oak top and contrasting dark accents.

Industrial style dining chairs

6. Archie Pair of Dining Chairs

Combining leather effect, detailed stitching, metal features and a flash of retro-inspired styling, these Archie chairs are capable of effortlessly introducing an industrial vibe to any dining room.

For the complete look, choose the Archie dining table and four or six chairs. 

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7. Islington Pair of Chairs

Modern and stylish, these minimal design chairs feature a moulded, curved seat for added comfort, sleek back and statement legs for an added dimension that’s effortlessly eye-catching.

They wouldn’t look out of place at a dining table or office desk.

Upholstered dining chairs

8. Brooklyn Pair of Natural Check Upholstered Dining Chairs

These upholstered chairs feature a comfortable padded seat and scroll back and are covered in a gorgeous natural check material with warm oak legs.

The Brooklyn chairs are the perfect choice if you're looking to bring a touch of country farmhouse to your dining area.

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9. Montero Pair of Blue Dining Chairs

Made to be noticed in vibrant blue, these Montero chairs feature a classic design with eye-catching finishing touches, including glamourous gold-tipped legs, square backs and luxurious velvet material.

They also look great in offices and dressing areas.

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Montero Pair of Blue Dining Chairs | Montero Furniture Range | ScS

10. Brooklyn Pair of Natural Scroll Button Back Chairs

With a radiant warm oak finish and scrolled edge, the Brooklyn chairs with padded Chesterfield style backs bring a sumptuous and elegant traditional style that is set to complement any interior.

Also available in a sunning grey fabric.

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For more practical advice on perfecting you dining room look, read this article, '7 dining room design ideas.’

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