How often you should be refreshing your home and the cost of doing so

There comes a time for every homeowner when they look around their property and realise it needs a bit of a refresh - perhaps you’re feeling uninspired and dissatisfied or there is general maintenance needed to keep your home in tip top shape.

To address this, experts say you should be spending around £3,000 a year on home rejuvenation and upkeep – but how many of us really spend this much?

Three quarters (75%) of Brits spend less than the recommended amount on home maintenance. In fact, more than half (56%) spend under £1,000 each year and one in six (17%) splash out less than £250.

Whether you want to enhance the overall appearance of your property or you are looking to increase your home's value before you put it on the market, remodeling and revitalising your house both inside and out is key for producing a positive result, both practically and aesthetically. 

To help you work out what to update in your home, we’ve teamed up with Bruna Pani from We Buy Any House to reveal the nine things you should be refreshing and reviving, how often you should do so and the cost of each task.

1 – Replace your carpets

Frequency: Between five and fifteen years

Cost: From £31.50 per square metre (with additional fitting costs)

Bruna says: “Over time carpets can begin to look dishevelled, flattened and frayed. Whether that’s due to spills, careless footprints, or just general wear and tear, your carpet will always need replacing in due course. A new carpet can freshen up analex.d revitalise your living space and make your flooring look amazing once again. The cost depends on three things: the type of carpet you want to install, the size of each room and how many rooms you aim to carpet, plus installation costs.”

 2- Paint the exterior

Frequency: Every five to seven years

Cost: From £425 to £1,500

Bruna says: “The exterior of your property is the first thing people notice and can set the tone for guests or potential buyers. It is a relatively straightforward task that can dramatically alter the appearance of your property and improve curb appeal. Maintaining your homes exterior can save you money overall as it minimises damage to the property alongside lowering the need and cost for preparatory work.”

3- Replace your sinks and faucets

Frequency: Between 15 to 25 years 

Cost: From £90 to £700

Bruna says: “If your sink needs constant repairing, is outdated or leaking at any point, then you should think about replacing it. Heavily cracked or chipped basins can be unattractive, and the same goes for those basins that remain discolored or rusty despite being thoroughly cleaned. The price and durability of both sinks and faucets depends on style, size and installation methods.”

4 – Wash your patio 

Frequency: Every six months

Cost: From £200 to £400

Bruna says: “Your patio is the initial introduction to your home, so whether you’re hiring a professional cleaning company or doing it on a DIY basis, it's important that you take care of it. Frequent pressure washing helps prevent dirt and grime from settling into cracks, and if your property is facing a busy road then your patio or driveway is more likely to gather dirt from passing traffic.”

5- Replace your lighting

Frequency: Every four to six years

Cost: Between £3.65 and £85

Bruna says: “If your light bulbs are loose, cracked or beginning to flicker, perhaps it's time to replace them. The same can be said if your lights are feeling or looking unsafe - it’s better to be safe than sorry. Outdoor lights need replacing more frequently, as they are exposed to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. The price of bulbs depends on the type of lighting you are after and the wattage.”

6– Paint the interior 

Frequency: Every three to five years 

Cost: From £1,550 to £4,250 (depending on house size)

Bruna says: “Painting your property's interior is great for a fresh feel and a cost-effective way to completely refresh your home. Your lifestyle, family and activities that take place in your house all factor into how frequently it may need a lick of paint. For example, if indoor football is a frequent activity in your home, then you will need more maintenance.”

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7 – Replace your appliances

Frequency: Every 10 to 20 years 

Cost: From £450 to £ 3,330

Bruna says: “Even with the best maintenance care, most appliances won’t function past their lifespan, will go in and out of fashion and, if heavily stylized, can age quickly. If an appliance is faulty, it is best to have it replaced immediately. Dishwashers and microwaves have the shortest lifespan, and freezers and gas cookers have some of the longest. The cost of any appliance depends on the size, style and brand of the product.”

8 – Update your windows

Frequency: Every 20 years 

Cost: From £3,000 to £5,000

Bruna says: “If your windows are beginning to let in chilly air or drafts, or have visible damage or condensation, then it is probably time to replace them. How long your windows last depends on many factors, such as the materials they are made of and installation methods. Pricing also varies depending on house and window size.”

9 - Replace your radiators

Frequency: Every eight to twelve years 

Cost: From £110 to £470

Bruna says: “Radiators are typically one of the most reliable features of any property. However, it is inevitable that use over lengthy periods of time will result in wear and tear. This can lead to radiators failing to work or provide sufficient heat throughout the property. If you maintain your radiators well by taking precautions such as bleeding them, they may last a little while longer.”

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