Fabric Sofa Care Kits

At ScS, we understand that a new fabric sofa is a considerable investment and therefore you want to enjoy and cherish it for years to come. The best way to do so is to make sure you have the best cleaning products at hand to make sure any stains or marks are treated immediately in the correct way.

Our Fabric Care packs have been tried and tested by experts and will give you the best chance of removing stains from your sofa. They will help protect you against the likes of Spillages, Natural Oils and Ink Marks etc.

Our premium fabric care kit

  • Used for regular maintenance
  • Designed to tackle all stains on fabric upholstery
  • Water-based solution for new stains
  • Stronger solution for stubborn or old stains
  • Cleaning solution to help to remove chewing gum
  • Formulated powder to remove tough stains
  • Sponges included
  • Cloths included

Our standard fabric care kit

  • SOS fabric cleaning
  • Designed to tackle all stains on fabric
  • Contains treatments for different types of stains
  • Extremely effective on old and new stains
  • An essential maintenance tool


Many people may believe they can just use generic cleaning products, however incorrect cleaning supplies could actually cause more damage to your sofa. That’s because on the back of the fabric is where the flame-retardant material is, and by using water or the wrong cleaner you are washing this away. This can leave you with white blotchy stains, and also an unsafe sofa.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a new sofa, or have just bought one, make sure you get your fabric care kit with your order. Our standard kit is only £30 with our premium kit at £50. So, for peace of mind and a quality sofa cleaner, this really is your best option!

For an additional layer of protection and extra peace of mind against accidental damage, we strongly recommend our sofa guard protection which will protect your sofa for an extra 5 years. Our sofa guard is a one-off payment and will protect your sofa against the likes of accidental stains, rips, tears and burns. For more information, read about our sofa guard here.

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